Village Design Statement

This Village design Statement is Supplementary Planning Guidance adopted by Peterborough City Council on 22nd August 2003

This village design statement was Conceived, researched, collated, written and published as a Community Project.

What is the Wansford Village Design Statement?

Our Village Design Statement (VDS) has been researched and written by members of the local
community and describes Wansford as it is today; underscoring the many qualities and characteristics
of the village most valued by its residents. All households in Wansford were invited, indeed
encouraged, to participate so that essential local knowledge, views and ideas would form the very
essence of this VDS.

The objective of the VDS is to ensure that future changes and development in the village are
viewed in the light of this carefully considered understanding of Wansford’s past history and the
present day situation, formed by a consensus of those best qualified to form such an opinion –
Wansford residents.

It therefore offers a significant and positive contribution towards the future evolution of the
village to enhance and protect Wansford’s distinct character and heritage within a clearly defined, 21st
century, context.

To access a copy to download please visit the PCC website. You should find it near the bottom of the new page that opens for you. (Click here)

The Wansford Village Design Statement was adopted by Peterborough City Council as Supplementary Planning Guidance on 22, August 2003.

Wansford Village Design Statement – Part 1 – Introduction
(320 KB, 7 pages)

Wansford Village Design Statement – Part 2 Conservation
(188 KB, 6 pages)

Wansford Village Design Statement – Part 3 – Arterial Development
(266 KB, 9 pages)

Wansford Village Design Statement – Part 4 – Guidelines, Conclusion, Appendix and Addendum
(111 KB, 8 pages)

Hard copies of the above publication may be purchased through the Parish Clerk, for £7.50


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