Status of planning applications

To see the latest status of April 2010 applications download this summary or view the table below.

Planning application results

Discussed at meeting of: Ref. No. Address Issue WPC Decision Outcome
6/9/2010 Cooks Hole QuarryAugean Application for Determination of Conditions (ROMPP)
16/8/2010 10/00818/FUL 6 Old North RoadWansford Change garage roof from flat roof to pitched on garage No Objection
5/7/2010 10/00820/CTR 1 The StablesOld Leicester Road


Reduce height and prune 4 conifers No Objection
7/6/2010 10/00562/ADV Heron Service StationLeicester Road, Wansford Consultation on Advertisement Application, 2 no. internally illuminated free standing single sided display panels (retrospective) No Objection
7/6/2010 10/00488/WCMM Cross Leys QuarryLeicester Road, Wansford Variation of condition 1 of planning permission (06/00415/MMFUL to vary the completion date of permitted infilling from 31/07/2010 to 31/07/2012) No Objection – provided emergency services have no objection
20/4/2010 10/00372/FUL Anchor Cottage5 Riverside Spinney Wansford Extension and alterations to garages and removal of one Norway Spruce tree
20/4/2010 10/00459/CTR White House, Peterborough RoadWansford Remove one Sycamore tree and pollard one Crack Willow tree No Objection Permission Granted
12/4/2010 10/00257/FUL 1 Yarwell RoadWansford 06/02012/FUL – extension of time of planning permission No Objection Permission Granted
12/4/2010 10/0036/CTR Rivermead, Bridge EndWansford Fell 2 x Silver Birch and prune back to boundary 1 x Willow tree and conifers No Objection Permission Granted
1/3/2010 10/00154/FUL 20 Old Leicester Road,Wansford Construction of first floor rear extension and alterations to ground floor rear elevation No Objection PCC Refused
1/3/2010 09/00942/FUL Land South of A47 and east of Great North RoadWansford Appeal
1/2/2010 10/00021/TRE 14 Black Swan SpinneyWansford Preserved Trees Applic – to fell 1 Larch Tree No Objection
4/1/2010 09/01495/CTR The Moorings, Peterborough Road, Wansford Tree Notification – remove lib of Willow T1 back to main stem No Objection
07/12/2009 09/01382/CTR Holystones, 2 Yarwell Road, Wansford Tree Notification – crown lift to 2m over drive and prune back secondary growth for clearance over garage, Cotoneaster, re pollard to historic knuckle points No Objection Permission granted
07/12/2009 09/01206/LBC 4 Bridge End, Wansford Installation of 2 roof lights No Objection Permission granted
07/12/2009 09/01308/FUL Sacrewell Farm & Country Centre Construction of 1 x 11kw Gaia Wind Turbine on land NW of farm centre No Objection Permission granted
07/12/2009 09/01193/FUL 19 Old North Road Wansford Install New Roof Lantern No Objection
02/11/2009 09/01458/FUL Wansford Surgery Additional Consulting Room space No Objection
02/11/2009 09/00942/FUL Land South of A47 and East of Great North Road, Wansford Use of land for 1 extended Gypsy family Objection – questions raised Application refused
09/01140/TRE 9 Robins WoodWansford Fell 1 x Sycamore No Objection Permission granted
03/08/2009 09/00827/CTR 2 Riverside Spinney, Wansford Fell Ash Tree Defer to Tree Officer
06/07/2009 09/00543/FUL Rivermead, Bridge End,Wansford Replace existing roof covering, limestone wall, install dormer windows ** Permission granted
06/07/2009 09/00547/FUL 24 Old Leicester Road, Wansford Remove existing conservatory, replace with single storey front extension No objection Permission granted
01/06/2009 08/01633/FUL Land adjacent to 19 Old Leicester Road, Wansford Resiting of gas storage compound No objection
01/06/2009 09/00138/FUL Land East of Great North Road and South of A47 Wansford Two static caravans, one mobile caravan parking space, two utility cabins etc Objection **
07/12/2009 & 01/06/2009 08/01632/OUT Land adjacent to 19 Old Leicester Road Erection of two 5 bedroom dwellings ** PENDING
11/05/2009 09/00301/FUL 5 Swanhill Detached Garage No Objection
11/05/2009 09/00455/CTR 7 Old North Road Removal of 3 conifers No Objection
08/01344/TRE 8 Black Swan Spinney Raise Crown to 5m of Beech Tree
08/01539/CTR 4 Riverside Spinney Fell and remove various trees No Objection Granted
07/10/2008 08/01101/FUL 10 Black Swan Spinney Extension existing rear dormer Objection** Granted
04/08/2008 08/00856/FUL Westbrooke House Full Porch Retrospective Objection* Granted
07/07/2008 08/00733/FUL 11 Robins Wood Extension First Floor
07/07/2008 08/00122/FUL 3 Yarwell Road Granted
07/07/2008 08/00716/FUL Little Chef Extension to Foyer Granted
19/06 – 07/07/2008 08/00691/TRE 14 Black Swan Spinney 1 Maple Tree, 1 Beech and fell 1 Larch Tree No Objection* Granted
19/06/2008 08/00701/FUL 28 Old Leicester Road Extension No Objection* Granted
02/06/2008 08/00400/FUL 5 The Old Nursery Single Storey Front Extension Granted
02/06 – 04/08/2008 08/00639/FUL 10 Black Swan Spinney Replace Conservatory and rear dormer Granted
29/04/2008 08/00277/FUL Cedar House Extension Applic Withdrawn
29/04 – 22/05/2008 08/00386/FUL White House Extension Side and Rear No Objection Granted
07/04/2008 08/00191/FUL 35 Old North Road
07/04/2008 07/01162/FUL 23 Old North Road Appeal Successful
03/03/2008 08/00191/FUL 35 Old North Road Extension Objection**
03/03/2008 07/01162/FUL 23 Old North Road Extension Objection Appeal Successful
04/02/2008 07/01932/FUL 2 Yarwell Road Extension Objection**
04/02/2008 08/00097/TRE 23 Old North Road Fell Tree of Heaven Referred
03/12/2007 07/01639/FUL 4 The Old Nursery
03/12/2007 07/00039/FUL Kings Cliffe Ind Estate Retrospective
03/12/2007 07/01731/FUL Cedar House Applic withdrawn
03/12/2007 07/01860/GR 4 Old Leicester Road Fell 6 Lawsonia
03/12/2007 07/01815 Rivermead Pollard Weeping Willow
05/11/2007 Roadside Café Anglia Water Site on A47
01/10/2007 07/1331/OUT 27 Old North Road Erection of detached dwelling No objection*
01/10/2007 07/01444/FUL Rivermead, Bridge End Re-siting of stables No objection
01/10/2007 07/01519/TRE 37 Old North Road Tree Surgery Objection*
03/09/2007 07/01162/FUL 23 Old North Road Replacement of Garage Objection**
03/09/2007 07/01224/FUL 55 Old North Road First Floor Extension No objection
03/09/2007 07/01335/FUL 14 Robins Field Extension No objection
06/08/2007 07/01211/CTR 6 Riverside Spinney Tree Surgery No objection
06/08/2007 EN/06/025506 Kings Cliffe Ind. Estate Removal of 6 month time limit No objection
16/07/2007 07/00935/FUL 33 Old North Road Extension No objection
25/06/2007 07/00743/FUL 2 Yarwell Road Erection of detached dwelling Objection** Submission withdrawnPermission Refused
29/05/2007 07/00552/FUL 5 Thackers Close Extension No objection*
29/05/2007 07/00531/FUL 2 The Old Nursery Rear Conservatory No objection*
30/04/2007 07/00542/FUL 2 The Old Nursery Erection of fence No objection*
30/04/2007 07/00565/FUL Land adj. 21 Nene Close Erection of detached dwelling No objection*
18/04/2007 EN/07/00485/FUL Wansford Road, Yarwell Erection of cattle Shed Objection
21/03/2007 06/01909/FUL 35 Old North Road Extension (Objection**) Permission Refused
19/02/2007 06/02012/FUL Church Cottage Extension No objection*
11/01/2007 06/01909/FUL 35 Old North Road Extension Objection**