Parish Clerk & RFO: Jill Sardeson

Name: Jill Sardeson
Role: Clerk and RFO
Address: Northview, 15 Main Street, Yarwell PE8 6RP
Tel: 07814 468044

Note: Please be clear about the boundaries between Wansford Parish Council and and Stibbington cum Sibson Parish Council

Wansford Parish Council, within the area of Peterborough Unitary Authority, comprises the village north of, and including, Wansford Old Bridge.

The village to the south of Wansford Old Bridge (The Haycock side) is represented by Sibson cum Stibbington Parish Council and comes under Huntingdon District Council.

For Sibson cum Stibbington Parish Council, please contact:

Clerk: Mrs. Wendy Gray,

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