Minutes 9th December 2013



Clerk: Wendy Gray

13 Dovecote, Rippingale, Bourne PE10 0SY

Tel: 01778 441312






Present:           Cllr R Clarke

Cllr S Forward

Cllr L Fox-Clipsham

Cllr N Meredith

Cllr T Pearson

Cllr J Stannage – Chair

Cllr G Stevens

In Attendance:  Wendy Gray (Parish Clerk), and 6 members of the public, Mr Mike Lee (Lanchester Land & Planning Ltd),  Mr William McCormick and Mr Simon Harris (Architects).  Cllr Lamb joined meeting at 8.30 pm.


1. Apologies for Absence: Cllr J Holdich  
2. Declaration of Interest: None  
3. Affordable Housing Presentation:

Mike Lee of Lanchester Land & Planning Ltd who is acting on behalf of the landowner in respect of possibility of potential Affordable Housing Exception Site on Land off Old Leicester Road, Wansford, Peterborough, PE8 6JW.


His client owns the site and would like to bring part of it forward as an affordable housing exception site by working in partnership with the Parish Council and the Local Planning Authority.   He has discussed the principle of bringing part of the site forward for affordable housing for local people with Caroline Hannon in the Housing Strategy Team at Peterborough City Council and she suggested that he contact the Parish Council direct to discuss the proposal in more detail with a view to undertaking a housing needs survey.


The Parish Council and attendees at the meeting were not opposed to the idea of affordable housing in Wansford and felt there was a need for local younger people to be able to afford to continue to live in the village but this was only a small percentage of the residents of Wansford.


It was proposed that the PC would contact Caroline Hannon in the first instance to request for housing needs survey to be completed to obtain reaction from the whole of the village to this idea.


















Parish Clerk

4. Planning:

Little Chef – presentation by new owners William McCormick and Simon Harris (Architects) currently based in Stamford.  They will ne maintaining existing structure of Little Chef – first floor of building will be new office space for them.  Planning to converting ground floor to office space with a view to letting out.  They produced proposed plans to develop land outside of property, do not know how many houses are planned, but described as 2/3 bedroom.  Also possibility of designing in some lower cost properties.  This is only at proposal stage; they have not submitted any plans to PCC.  They now have electricity, water and a decent security system installed – however, due to unwanted visitors last week at night, they are going to put up some outside lighting linked to movement sensors, carefully located so they don’t keep going off as John drives past!.  They will keep the PC updated.  Questions received from adjacent residents were welcomed.


13/01687/CTR – Consultation on Conservation Area Trees Notification, One Willow  tree reduce to 4m and fell 2 Ornamental Cypress at 3 Old Leicester Road, Wansford – it was agreed by all councillors present that in this instance we would be guided by the Tree Officer’s recommendations.

5. Minutes of the meeting held on 11th November 2013:

All Councillors in agreement for minutes to be signed.

6. Matters arising from the Minutes:

Nene Close Residents came along to discuss plans they had received re parking issues – Cllr Lamb will arrange further meeting with PCC (Brian Rowcroft), Parish Cllrs and available residents of Nene Close to discuss these plans.  Parking, dropped kerbs, yellow lines could be possibilities.  A meeting to be arranged with Peter Tebb from PCC asap (before Christmas).


Footpath into Nene Close from Peterborough Road – overgrown verges, vegetation growing through tarmac.  PCC had been out and sprayed weeds but has not resolved problem.  Overgrown vegetation from private property (when attended to spray weeds) PCC said could not deal with overgrown vegetation from private property.  Parish Clerk has put in request to PCC to be cleared.


No lighting along footpath into Nene Close from Peterborough Road – very dangerous particularly in the winter.  Could we make a request of PCC that this is looked into?  Parish Clerk has made a request to PCC.


Grit Bin – could we request larger grit bin complete with grit.  A request has been made through Brian Rowcroft of PCC.


Street light outage – lights on bridge on during day, light out on pedestrian crossing, light on Church Cottage flicks on and off.  This has been reported to PCC.


Light outside Doctors Surgery – request to be made to ENC to see if possibility of having street light here.  ENC contacted with request, referred to NCC who have referred back to ENC – awaiting outcome of latest email.



Cllr Lamb/Parish Clerk





Parish Clerk






Parish Clerk



Parish Clerk



Parish Clerk



Parish Clerk

7. Finance:

Invoice Parish Clerk – Salary November – £216.66

All Councillors approved for payment to be made.

8. Leasing of Land – Nene Close:

Legal Department have confirmed that the former licence to Nene Residents Association is no longer in existence.


A draft licence can be drawn up and sent through to us to begin negotiations; however this will have to wait until next week when legal person is back in the office.


The Parish Council were advised that this project will be moving forward, the Parish Council need to send through a copy of the management plan (Cllr Stannage will speak with Jessica Burrows to obtain a copy for us to forward to PCC).








Cllr Stannage

9. Toddlers Play Area:

Parish Clerk has registered Parish Councils interest in funding possibilities with TEA Grantscape.  Application to be completed when (8) above sorted.


Parish Clerk

10. Village Notice Board/Map:

Still progressing.

Cllr Stannage
11. Parish Council Conference:

Cllr Clarke reported on his attendance at the above Conference.  Very interesting discussions, opening address by leader of PCC reporting that rural areas around the city and the Hamptons have been parished.  Session on Neighbourhood Plans (see below).  Address from the Police about police resources, main concentration on response times, feedback and information from the public.  Feedback on previous year’s conference i.e. what had and what had not been done.  Joint Presentation from Amey (Peterborough Enterprise), Hampton have a full time street cleaner employed by Peterborough Enterprise, what they valued out of it.  Should WPC start looking at this again?  Discussion on carbon reduction, talking about more efficient gas heating.

12. Preparing a Neighbourhood Plan:

Evolved following Localism Act which became law just over a year ago, there was this mechanism for local communities to generate community plans which would then become part of the statutory planning framework, there are certain things can address and some cannot address, mostly about village envelope, placing of houses, types of houses, schools, general look and feel of community and it has to be adopted by the City Council.   Has to be led or (logical) should be led by Parish Council but involving the community.


a)     Do we have resources in the village – 7/8 people – 500 hours

b)     If we do – need footprint and plan to go forward


Work with two other Parish Councils suggest – Wansford/Thornhaugh/Sibson-cum-Stibbington


Item in Living Villages to see what feedback get.


a)     Put plan together

b)     Man hours – can be an issue

c)     Odd subject to get over to someone


Do we agree to go forward on this – all Cllrs in agreement.


Need vehicle to get information to the village (Village Magazine, talk to each other)


Who will speak with other areas!!  Send information to Stibbington.  Cllr Clarke will speak with/email Chairman of Sibson-cum-Stibbington Parish Council.



13. Correspondence:

Brown Bin Collection

Police Statistics

14. Matters for Consideration:

Invite to Aimee Hunter to attend January meeting.


Email to be sent to John Wilcockson requesting copy of policy outlining criteria on decision/procedure, checking procedure between PCC and Enterprise Peterborough in felling trees.


Parish Clerk


Parish Clerk

15. Reports from Councillors:

Cllr Pearson reported on latest Thornhaugh & Wansford Parish Burial Ground Maintenance Committee meeting.  Everything is ok.  Wall that was down has been fixed, grass is under control, and roses have not died.  Hubert has resigned and finished.  Main wall of the church needs re-pointing.


Sacrewell Presentation – Cllrs Stannage and Pearson attended presentation of Lottery Grant at Sacrewell.  Turn mill into working mill for education.  Mechanics of the mill will be more visible, virtual tour using iPods for disabled people.  Hope to have all works completed by August 2015.


Cooks Hole – Cllr Clarke spoke at Planning Committee re Cooks Hole.  Application to make permanent (six months given in July).  There have been some noise complaints re the crusher which will move down underground but no complaints about vehicles.  A suggestion was put to the committee to operate below ground level, M George happy to but planning officer not accepted.  Now have permanent permission to load vehicles between 6 – 7 a.m. each morning Monday to Friday.  One of things that came out from meeting M George more amenable to talk to people.  Cllr Clarke asked if WPC could look over site when crusher has been moved.

16. Dates of next meetings in the Community Hall:

Monday 13th January 2014


Cllr Clarke will do report for Living Villages for January.


Cllr Clarke offered his apologies as will not be in attendance at January meeting.


The meeting closed at 10.15 p.m.





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