Minutes December 2010

Minutes of Council meeting 6th December 2010 – See attached file Minutes 10-12-06

Present: Cllr R Clarke – Chairman
Cllr P Hughes – Vice Chairman
Cllr T Pearson
In Attendance: Mrs W Gray, Parish Clerk, Mr D Johnson, Mr J Stannage,
Mr M Rooney, Mr B Bartlett

1. Apologies for Absence
Cllr G Stevens, Cllr T Sortwell, Cllr G Ward
Cllr J Holdich, Cllr D Lamb
Mr Johnson asked if the Parish Council could confirm that 3 is a quorum, Cllr

Clarke on behalf of the Parish Council confirmed that 3 is definitely quorate.
2.Declaration of Interest

3. Planning
No new applications received

4. Minutes of the Meeting of 1st and 16th November 2010
Agreed to be correct
1st November – proposed Cllr Pearson seconded Cllr Hughes.
16th November – proposed Cllr Pearson, seconded Cllr Hughes

5. Matters arising from the minutes
Minutes of 1st November 2010 –
Cooks Hole – response letters have been sent but there has been no response. The proposed conditions were too vague and WPC has asked for more specific and quantifiable conditions. The use of hydraulic breakers not included in the noise assessment and WPC have asked for their use to be forbidden in the conditions. WPC have also asked for detailed water quality measurements to be included. Cllr Clarke had asked for this to be written into conditions. No response received to date. Cllr Clarke has received set of conditions under which Mick George operates and will circulate.
Pier Head – Cllr Clarke had received a call from Barry Nicholls and responded that the plans were heading in the right direction and that the next step was a formal application.
Telephone Kiosk – Cllr Clarke has spoken with BT who have no plans to do
anything at the moment. The future of the box is reviewed on a year to year basis. An article was placed in Living Villages re future of Telephone Kiosk but we have not received any responses to date.
Vacancy – PCC only received one nomination, candidate will be advised
officially after 9th December.
Parish Council Meetings – change from first Monday of month – Cllr Clarke
will e-mail all councillors to see what general view is.
Minutes 16th November 2010
No response received to date to letter re Church Wall – letter sent to Jim Daley at
PCC, Parish Clerk to speak with Jim Daley for update and to ensure that the right
people are advised for this to move forward as soon as possible.

Salary and Expenses to Wendy Gray, Parish Clerk – £403.14
All in agreement for payment to be authorised.
No new correspondence received.

8. Play Area
Cllr Hughes appraised of situation so far and what information he had collated,
has spoken with PCC and has received lots of good feed back and information
with provisional costings on initial set-up. Now need to look at how we move
this project forward. Cllr Clarke will draft a note for Living Villages to see what
level of interest there is.

9. Matters for Consideration
De-classification of A6118, Cllr Pearson advised that Mark Speed from PCC has
been tasked to look into this along with looking at other routes around
Lights on Bridge – Cllr Pearson to write a brief history of events so that we can
write to CEO of PCC (for next meeting).
Cllr Pearson to write a brief history of his dealings with Mark Cooper for letter to
go to CEO of PCC (for next meeting).

10. Reports from Councillor
Meeting took place re Christie Hall rent review, Cllr Hughes confirmed we were
very supportive of the committee and that Christie Hall is a much valued
resource of the village. Questioned how much used by residents and how much
by outside people. Further meeting will be held on 13th January 2011 (Cllr
Stevens and Cllr Sortwell should be available to attend).

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