Minutes 9th June 2014

WANSFORD PARISH COUNCILwww.wansfordvillage.com

Clerk: Wendy Gray

13 Dovecote, Rippingale, Bourne PE10 0SY

Tel: 01778 441312






Present:        Cllr R Clarke

Cllr L Fox-Clipsham

Cllr T Pearson

Cllr J Stannage – Chair

Cllr V Thorley

Cllr G Stevens

In Attendance:  City Cllr John Holdich, Mr M Handley, Mr G Bedford,

PCSO M Courtney-Hunt


Apologies for Absence: Wendy Gray (Parish Clerk)In the absence of the Parish Clerk Cllr T Pearson agreed to take the minutes  
PCSO Report: Michael Courtney-Hunt (Thorpe Wood)   Calls to the service, 25:

22 Traffic incidents: all on the A47 (4 involving whiplash injury)

1 Suspicious circumstances: Yarwell Road – Caller had ID (a

“Nottingham Knocker” who was moved on)

1 Cable hanging down over highway

1 Neighbourhood dispute:  Nene Close

Crimes, 3:

1 Traffic – resolved – no arrests

1 Domestic

1 Unsuccessful attempted burglary – Bridge End


Speedwatch: With Cllr Thorley we now have 5 volunteers

Declarations of Interest: None  
With the PCSO and Mr G Bedford present it was agreed to take item 11 on the agenda – Underpass – Lighting, flooding, cleanliness etc.Is it a danger to the public because nere-do-wells could lurk there?


Lighting – Fewer than 50% of lights working but PCC had

decided that only 1 in 3 lights need be on.  Cllr Clarke offered to

run a light meter through it.

Flooding – The drain is too small and silted up. When impassable because of flooding residents would have to risk crossing the A47 on foot.

Cleanliness – There is ivy and mould on the handrail, mould on the walls, the slopes are unsafe when it is slippery. In reponse to requests from the Parish Council the underpass is now on PCC’s cleaning schedule.

The claim that the Parish Council had done nothing to improve the underpass was refuted.

It was proposed and agreed that the clerk should organise a meeting between Craig (?) at PCC and Highways Agency and G Bedford (geraldbedford@hotmail.com), preferably on site, to resolve these problems.

Bus stop: It was agreed to invite “Centrebus” to a meeting to discuss the possibility of stopping at the top of Old North Road.




Cllr Clarke












Parish Clerk




Parish Clerk


Planning:14/00918HHFUL – Demolition of existing attached garage and construction of a detached double garage, single storey front extension, addition of pitched roofs to existing front dormer window and rear garden room at 13 Old Leicester Road.All agreed that we had no objection to this planning proposal.   



Parish Clerk

Minutes of the meeting held on 12th May 2014: It was agreed that the minutes should be approved and signed  
Matters arising from the Minutes: None other than those already discussed and on the agenda.  
6. Finance: Invoice Parish Clerk – Salary May – £216.66

Invoice Parish Clerk – Expenses – £116.22

It was agreed that these invoices should be paid.

Leasing of Land – Nene Close update: Thanks to City Councillors Holdich and Lamb progress is being made.  
Toddlers Play Area: The Thornhaugh Environmental Association (TEA) and Kings Cliffe Environmental Association (KCEA) had agreed a grant of £15,000 each and this is now being formalised.  It was agreed that we should email the Nene Valley Tots, assuring them of our support.  The Chairman is happy to meet with them to update the situation.   



Cllr Stannage

Village Notice Board/Map: It was agreed to approach all Secondary schools in Peterborough,

Wittering and Elton Primary schools and the Peterborough

Environment Centre in Stibbington to initiate pupil projects for the

design of the notice board.  The following decisions were made:

Different areas of the board to be allocated to Primary and Secondary schools.

Materials:  Powdered-coated steel and Perspex.

Display:  A simple map with no houses but church, hotel, pubs, Post Office and shop, other shops, Surgery and Dentist, Community Hall, Wansford pasture.

A1, A47, (A6118 ?), River Nene, bridge, Sallow Brook, Footpaths, an indication of the direction of North and to Nene Valley Railway, Sulehay Woods.

The village logo, a text box with some village history.


Cllr Fox-Clipsham






Northamptonshire Minerals and Waste Development Framework Partial Review: Minerals and Waste Local Plan Proposed Modifications –These contain no proposals with significant consequences for the village.  The clerk to give our response which Cllr Clarke agreed to draft and ask that we are consulted on any future matters.   


Parish Clerk

Cllr Clarke

Correspondence: A quote for a handrail alongside the path up to Nene Close from Peter Tebb – no possibility of a footpath from the new church

entrance to the Old Leicester Road

Matters for Consideration:Report for Living Villages – Cllr Stannage agreed to write the Living Villages article for July.

A note should be sent to Peter Tebbs re. the poor state of the

pathway outside the new entrance to the church.

Cllr Clarke volunteered to pursue the possibility of moving the village and county boundary beyond the Surgery.

Cllr Clarke said that he would circulate the expenses form that all

newly elected councillors must submit within 3 months of election.

It was agreed that the vacancy for 1 Parish Councillor to be co-opted

should be advertised through Living Villages.  It was known that at

least 2 parishioners were interested.

 Cllr Stannage

Parish Clerk


Cllr Clarke


Cllr Clarke


Cllr  Stannage

Parish Clerk

Reports from Councillors: None  
Dates of next meetings in the Community Hall:Monday 14th July,  Monday 11th August.  


The meeting closed at 10:10pm