Minutes 8th September 2014

WANSFORD PARISH COUNCILwww.wansfordvillage.com

Clerk: Wendy Gray

13 Dovecote, Rippingale, Bourne PE10 0SY

Tel: 01778 441312






Present:           Cllr R Clarke

Cllr M Handley

Cllr T Pearson – Vice Chair

Cllr J Stannage – Chair

Cllr G Stevens

Cllr V Thorley


In Attendance:  Mr M Deas, Mrs P Byrd, Mr N Wright, City Cllr D Lamb, Mr S Percival

and other members of the public



1. Apologies for Absence: W Gray – in whose absence Cllr Pearson volunteered to take the minutes.  City Cllr J Holdich, Cllr Fox-Clipsham who had resigned as a parish councillor due to her increased workload as a teacher.  We must now advertise for a replacement and understand that Nick Meredith would be interested   


Parish Clerk

2. Declarations of Interest:Non pecuniary : Rivermead – Cllr Handley

4 Yarwell Road – Cllr V Thorley

3. Housing Needs Survey – Explanation of Report: Mark Deas outlined the nature of the village, pointing out that if the surgery were included (from East Northants D.C.) and facilities included from Sibson-cum-Stibbington (in Huntingdon D.C.) the village only lacked a Primary School.  Wansford is a fairly wealthy village with many detached 4 bed properties.  Only 7% of housing would fall within the affordable category compared with a national average of 17%.  Very few houses would be available for purchase by anyone on less than £30k p.a. 

There had been a good response to the survey (31% of households) with 57% in favour of affordable housing in the village.  The level of need was very low with only 4 household having appropriate affordable housing needs candidates, a lower level than he would have expected.  There is no-one on the Housing Needs Register at the current time.


Mark was thanked for his excellent and comprehensive survey and report and it was agreed that it should be an item on the next agenda.
















Parish Clerk

4. Planning:14/01371/HHFUL – Construction of 2 car garage with enclosed link to the existing house with roofspace above garage utilised for gym equipment at Rivermead, Bridge End.  It was agreed that there were 2 main issues: the height of the proposed extension and its dominance over neighbouring properties. A meeting with PCC planning was proposed to consider these issues.


14/01321/FUL – Demolition of existing bungalow and rebuilding new dwelling at 3 Robins Field.  It was proposed that issues concerning the height of the building could be resolved by lowering the entire structure and that we should recommend this to the Planning Officer


14/01561/HHFUL – Proposed single storey side extension and

further window, also the relocation and replacement of the main gates at 4 Yarwell Road.  It was agreed to submit that we were in favour of the changes to the original planning submission. We had no problem with the change of angle for the gate but would prefer it to be of wrought iron. The new wall should match the existing wall and the hedge should be no higher than 1.5m.  The issue of the ditch in front of the property was raised and we would like to know the length of  the proposed pipe extension.

 Parish Clerk






Parish Clerk





Parish Clerk

5. Minutes of the meeting held on 11th August 2014: It was agreed that the minutes should be approved and signed  
6. Matters arising from the Minutes: Ward Extensions.  Cllr Clarke reported on a meeting held to discuss the matter.  It seemed that the Boundary Commission research consisted of a single day driving around and along the A47.  Barnack Parish Council had put up a good case for revisions which had been backed by PCC but dismissed in one sentence by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England.  Cllr Clarke had drafted a letter which we approved as an excellent analysis of the issues and to which we gave our full support.  There is a Parish Council Liaison Committee meeting on 24th September, possibly with LGBCE present.  It was agreed that any favourable updates coming from the meeting should be added to the draft letter and that without delay it should be sent to LGBCE, PCC, Our City Councillors, and our local MP.   









Parish Clerk

7. Finance: Invoice Parish Clerk – Salary August – £216.66

Invoice Parish Clerk (expenses) – £98.94

PKB Littlejohn (External Audit) – £120.00

It was agreed that these invoices should be paid.

8. Leasing of Land – Nene Close update:  It was agreed that we are comfortable with the draft licence. We should send it to Grantscape to see if they are too. Parish Clerk
9. Toddlers Play Area:  The next meeting with Nene Valley Tots is on 15th September.  
10. Village Notice Board/Map: Despite her resignation, Cllr Fox-Clipsham had agreed to come to meetings to report progress and see the matter through.  
11. Underpass – Lighting, flooding, cleanliness etc, Bus Stop – update:Cllrs Stannage and Pearson had walked round the village with Peter Tebb from PCC and a representative from the Highways Agency.  The following were raised:


  • Underpass – Lighting, flooding, cleanliness etc.
  • Handrail by steps to Nene Close from Peterborough Road)
  • Footpath northern end of the village
  • Zig Zag Crossing markings –
  • Church Footpath
  • River Bridge – movement at No. 7 parapet
  • Drain on Yarwell Road
  • Old Leicester Road: Bollards along it and at A47 junction DO
  • Reinstatement of footpath (Vtesse & the electricity company)
  • Road markings at the junction with Kings Cliffe Road


Peter Tebb gave us the following telephone number to contact if there were problems:  Highways Agency Information Line – 03001235000.


A letter should be sent from us to Peter Tebb PCC and the Highways Agency to confirm our discussions of the above (plus the Nene Close grit bin issue)



















Parish Clerk

12. Correspondence: None not covered in other items.  
13. Matters for Consideration:Grit bin – Nene Close.  PCC say they didn’t put it there and will not fill it. The need for one to be expressed to PCC.


Boundary Change.  At a Communicare meeting a Parishioner had been upset at our proposed changes.  Cllr Thorley had calmed his fears.  As yet we have had no response from Yarwell Parish Council whose meeting is on 9th September.

 Parish Clerk
14. Reports from Councillors: The Thornhaugh Liaison Committee.  Cllr Clarke:

Thornhaugh 1 – Augean have been forced to re-excavate by the Environment Agency leaving a hole for which they want to extend their landfill permission for 5 years to 2019.  There is a strong possibility that Mick George (not present at the meeting) will cease operations there in 2 ½ years’ time.


Thornhaugh 2 – all excavation rights have lapsed and for activity to continue would have to be re-instated (PCC to do this if the owner won’t do it but it is very expensive).     Next meeting in December.

15. Dates of next meeting in the Community Hall:Since Cllrs Clarke, Stannage, Thorley, Stevens and Handley could not attend the meeting scheduled for Monday 13th October, that meeting has been postponed to Monday 20th October.  


The meeting closed at 10.15 pm


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