Minutes 8th April 2013



Clerk: Wendy Gray

25 Windsurf Bank, Tallington

Tel: 01778 341496






Present:           Cllr Sean Forward – attended for half hour

Cllr Tim Pearson

Cllr John Stannage – Chair

Cllr Graham Stevens

In Attendance:  Wendy Gray (Parish Clerk), Cllr D Lamb, 6 members of the public

and reporter and photographer from Peterborough Telegraph

  1. 1.   Apologies for Absence:  Cllrs Burrows, Clarke and Sortwell, Aimee Hunter PCSO


  1. 2.   Declaration of Interest:  None.


  1. 3.     Planning:

Mr Alan Jones – Specialist Minerals & Waste PCC Planning – gave a brief outline on his

job – he is dedicated Minerals and Waste Planning Officer whose full time

responsibility is dealing with quarries and landfill in the Peterborough area.  Wansford Parish

has quite a few sites on their doorstep.  He regularly visits sites in the area looking at

regulations etc and what is happening.  Does not have same powers over the border but liaises

with his colleagues in that area.  Alan also updated on the following sites:


  • Cross Leys (Mick George)
  • Thornhaugh 1 (Augean)
  • Cooks Hole (Mick George)
  • Thornhaugh II (currently inactive) and Thornhaugh II Appeal site area
  • Stonehill Quarry (East Northants)


     13/00344/HHFUL – Consultation on Householder (Full)Construction of a single storey side

     and rear extension including demolition of existing garage and conservatory at 14 Old North

     Road, Wansford PE8 6LB – Parish Council comments are as follows:


  • Very good/precise drawings.
  • It appears that the building will be higher at one end and will take sunlight away from garden at property next door, there are trees and shrubs within protected area – would like Tree Officer to comment.
  • Very extensive extension to the property and felt very inappropriate development for the size of the building.


     In view of the above Wansford Parish Council are opposed to the application.  If officers are

minded to accept application the Parish Council would like the application to go before a full

planning committee.  Copy of our response to be sent to Cllrs Lamb and Holdich.


     13/00271/OUT – Erection of 3 bedroom bungalow with associated amenity and

     Parking facilities on Land to the North of 15 Nene Close, Wansford – The Parish Council feel

that further clarification of the development proposed is required and some assurance that

access to garages is not obstructed.  Actual location and plans not a problem.


  1. 4.   Minutes of the meeting held on 11th March 2013: All councillors in agreement, Cllr Stannage proposed minutes were signed as a true and accurate record, seconded Cllr Stevens.


  1. 5.   Matters Arising from the above Minutes:

     Vtesse re new Fibre Optic Cable.  Events have moved on since last meeting – over the Easter

Holiday Cllr Sortwell attended meeting with residents/Vtesse/PCC.  The Parish Council have

not received any feedback from any other residents in the village.  Cllr Lamb to contact Peter

Brigham on WPC’s behalf to obtain latest update.


Question: Why did it go through village and what permissions were given etc. Had permission

being given to work on Easter Saturday and Sunday?


A47 underpass – PCC will get leaves attended to and have advised Street Lighting to deal with lighting faults.


Also reported large number of street lights not working north of the A47 – not on PCC list, PCC are currently updating information.


Grasscutting – PCC advise that grasscutting will commence end of March across all of our villages and the team will visit each village approximately every 2/3 weeks.


Fix it Van – dates of visits requested.


     Trees overhanging footpaths and grass growing over footpaths in Old Leicester Road and

along the river bridge.  Cllr Stannage identified and will supply list to Parish Clerk for letters

to be sent.


Wansford Church (area around churchyard) – damaged grass area will be reinstated in due course.


  1. 6.   Accounts:

Parish Clerk reported that end of year of accounts were being produced and will be circulated to all councillors in due course.


  1. 7.   Finance: 

The following invoices were approved for payment.

Wendy Gray, Parish Clerk Salary (March) – £136.64

Wendy Gray, Parish Clerk Expenses – £45.64

Wendy Gray, Parish Clerk Tax – £111.02 for Jan/Feb/March 2013

Thornhaugh & Wansford Parish Burial Ground Committee – £2,000

CAPALC – £170.04

All above invoices were approved for payment.


  1. 8.     Leasing of Land – Nene Close: still progressing.


  1. 9.     Toddlers Play Area: still progressing.


  1. 10.  Village Notice Board/Map: Cllr Stannage expressed his thanks to Cllr Sortwell for producing plan etc, if we have a coloured copy of village logo can we pass to Cllr Sortwell.   The costings were agreed subject to confirmation that we would be receiving £500 grant from PCC, Cllr Lamb advised this had been approved but would check when payment is to be made.  Cllr Stannage requested that all councillors look at content/proposals in the plan and report back via email with any comments or suggestions before next PC meeting.


  1. 11.  Correspondence: No new correspondence received.  Resident enquired if we had received email regarding dog fouling etc in Seeds Field – no correspondence received, resident will report back to owner and request re send.


  1. 12.  Matters for Consideration: 

Resident enquired that sometimes had noticed happenings in village where would be best place to advise other residents.  It was suggested encourage residents to put information in Living Villages or email or put note through Cllr Stannage’s letter box in the first instance.


In view of recent spate of burglaries the following website may be useful to look at

www.police.uk – up to date website on crimes etc.


  1. 13.  Reports from Councillors: None.


Cllr Stannage will submit article for May edition.

Cllr Pearson will submit article for June edition.

Cllr Stevens will submit article for July edition.


  1. 14.  Date of next meetings in the Community Hall:

Monday 13th May 2013 – Annual Parish Meeting, Annual General Meeting and

Parish Council meetings.

     Apologies received in advance for the following meetings:

13th May – Cllr Sortwell, Cllr Stevens

10th June – Cllr Sortwell

12th August – Cllr Sortwell, Wendy Gray Parish Clerk


The meeting closed at 9.40p.m.




















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Parish Clerk








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