Minutes 14th January 2019


Present: Cllr R Clarke
Cllr G Garner
Cllr M Handley
Cllr D Johnson
Cllr T Pearson
Cllr J Stannage – Chairman
Cllr V Thorley

In attendance Wendy Gray Parish Clerk and 12 members of the public were also present at commencement of meeting (1 resident left after approx. 5 mins).

Cllr Stannage welcomed everyone to the meeting. Action:
19(1)1 Apologies for Absence: City Cllr D Lamb
19(1)2 Declarations of Interest: None.
19(1)3 Planning:
No new applications received.
18/01212/HHFUL, 22 Old North Road. Refusal of application is being appealed by the owner. In the officers briefing to the Planning Committee PCC said that they did not apply the normal rules to loss of light and overlooking. WPC will write to PCC asking what rules they do apply.

Parish Clerk
19(1)4 Minutes of the meeting held on 10th December 2018:
Seeds Field – take out last 3 paragraphs and replace with “a number of those present felt that the development was inappropriate as it extended the village envelope” Rest of minutes agreed.

Parish Clerk
19(1)5 Matters arising from the Minutes:
Reduction of service levels on the 205 bus service run by Delaine. Cllr Stannage attended a meeting with other parish councils and the operator on 7th January. PCC pay no subsidies to the Stamford-Wittering-Wansford-Castor-Peterborough bus service so it is a completely commercial operation. Delaine have reduced the weekday frequency to once every 2 hours and scrapped the Saturday service. Delaine pointed out that they were charged each time they used the bus depots and the present operation was not covering its costs. They also have great difficulty getting drivers for Saturday services. PCC is reducing bus subsidies by £150,000 a year in the city by reducing bus frequency and taking out Sunday services. PCC have a statutory duty to get children to school. There is also the Call Connect service. This should be on the agenda for the next meeting.
Nene Close Garages. There are issues with parking or lack of, access for refuse collection etc. Cllr Stannage made contact with Julie Chapman of Cross Keys asking what is happening in that area. Very few residents rent the garages, most are just used as lock-ups. Only one tenant has garage (back of No.20). Cross Keys are reviewing the whole of their garage portfolio and will make further announcements in the future.
All other items are included in the Agenda.

Parish Clerk

19(1)6 Precept 2019/2020:
After a discussion of the WPC financial position Cllr Pearson proposed that the precept should be increased by 3%, all Cllrs in agreement. The current Budget and Income & Expenditure Spreadsheets to be sent to all Cllrs. At the next meeting WPC will review the headings used in the budget as the existing ones are often no longer relevant.

Parish Clerk
19(1)7 Finance:
Parish Clerk Salary January £233.33
Parish Clerk Expenses £98.77
D Knibbs – Litter/Leaves/Repairs to seat £291.00
Excitant Website Support £360.00
SK Contracts (Community Hall refurbishment) £10,254.85
Zurich Insurance (renewal) £590.12
All in agreement for above payments to be made.
19(1)8 Peterborough Cycle West:
February Agenda. Parish Clerk

18(12)8 Wansford Community Hall:
Work now completed – Cllr Stannage will complete paperwork and submit to Grantscape before 23rd January.
Cllr Stannage
18(12)9 Wansford Cricket Pavilion:
Lester Millbank gave a brief insight into issues encountering and hence their request for monetary support. Cllr Stannage advised that we would need security of tenure i.e. 10 year lease or letter of intent. One Cllr advised he has a property lawyer friend who he will speak with to see if any help can be provided (no funds to pay for a solicitor) but could not make any promises. Cllr Stannage advised we may be able to help towards cost of portaloo.
18(12)10 Highways:
a) 20 mph speed restriction signs. Parish Clerk emailed P Tebb for an update several times but no response. It does not appear that people are adhering to the 20 mph limit.
b) Declassification (road signs) – Parish Clerk emailed P Tebb for update several times but no response.
Peter Hiller, Cabinet Minister for Transport to be contacted re a) and b) above.
c) Road markings in the Centre of the Village – Parish Clerk contacted Martin Brooker – response received, copy to all Cllrs.
d) The Old Bridge – a good job is being done so far.
a/b/c/d/February agenda.a/b/c/d/February agenda.

Parish Clerk
18(12)11 A47 Dualling:
Consultation period ended –so many responses to consultation that HE is going to take at least until end of January to get through them. Some responses sent Freepost have been Returned to Sender. HE expect to go to the Planning Inspectorate in June. At that stage the Parish Councils and individuals get another chance to give input.
The entire HE management team and design team have been replaced. The new HE project manager will attend a WPC meeting in February/March.
The Truck Stop is closed and all signs changed. HE looking at installing gates to restrict access.

18(12)12 WPC response to Historic England on the revised scheduling of the Scheduled Monument:
Gone back to Secretary of State – we have objected to HE findings, they are going to do a proper review in third/fourth week of January and publish results after that.
Cllrs expressed their thanks to Cllr Clarke for all work done on this item.
18(11)12 Kings Cliffe Industrial Site:
18(11)13 Neighbourhood Village Plan:
18(11)14 Defibrillator:
Training dates to be advised (March), Question raised with Community Heartbeat why is unit not lockable? Awaiting response.
18(11)15 Correspondence:
Cllr Stannage welcomed residents who have an interest in Seeds Field and noted that several items of correspondence had been received on the subject.
Some residents claimed that WPC was supporting the proposed development and the Parish Council was accused of promoting the plan by publishing an article about it in Living Villages.
The chairman assured everyone that the article in Living Villages was published exactly as it was received from the developer. It was regrettable that there was no statement to this effect with the article but there was also no indication that this was supported by the Parish Council. WPC had asked Living Villages to publish the article simply so that residents knew what was being proposed.
Similarly, the developer had asked to address the December WPC meeting and the Parish Council agreed to this as it had with several other such requests in the past.
The WPC minutes published on the web site were a draft and do not become the minutes until signed off at the subsequent meeting. In future they will be watermarked Draft so that there is no confusion.
The Chairman apologised for any confusion and pointed out that the only planning application which had been made was that dating back to 2017 and that was still to be determined. When this was reviewed by WPC in July 2017, the Parish Council voted to oppose it.
WPC has been trying to arrange a meeting with the PCC planning department to discuss the whole issue of Seed’s Field but the planning officer concerned has not responded to emails. This is being taken up with the head of the planning department. Meanwhile, the PCC policy is clearly to reject any applications for development outside the planning envelope for small villages.
One resident claimed that the article in the January Living Villages was biased and identified him as trying to dominate the December meeting. He related this to a window being broken in his house. The chairman said that the Living Villages articles are deliberately not minutes of the meeting, just an individual councillor’s view of what is going on. There was nothing in the LV article that identified any individual members of the public.
It was suggested that if the developer wants to promote a development on Seed’s Field he should hire the Christie Hall and invite the public to give their views.
There was a discussion about housing need in the village. The last time the whole village was leafletted on the subject was for the Village Design Statement in 2003. More recently ACRE carried out a survey and found little interest in “affordable” homes. The process had identified a desire for small high quality properties for people wanting to downsize from larger houses. This need has been confirmed in follow up to the December meeting. It could be met within the village planning envelope but sites are not available at present.
The Parish Council has several times asked for volunteers to work on a Village Plan which would form part of the statutory planning guidance and consider what sort of housing stock the village needs. Unfortunately very little response had been received with only two offers of help. This is not sufficient for WPC to proceed with such a plan which involves a 2-3 year process and several hundred man hours of input.

Other Questions from Residents:
Fly Tipping – Cllr Clarke will find link to a recent PCC review of the issues for circulation. Generally the best way is to report fly tipping is via Peterborough City Council website.

Matters for Consideration:
18(11)17 Reports from Councillors:
18(11)18 Date of next meeting in the Community Hall: Monday 11th February 2019
Village Magazine Rota – reports for:

February – Cllr Pearson
March – Cllr Johnson
April – Cllr Clarke
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June – Cllr Stannage
July – Cllr Thorley
August – Cllr Garner

The meeting closed at 10.15 p.m.