Minutes 14th January 2013



Clerk: Wendy Gray

25 Windsurf Bank, Tallington

Tel: 01778 341496






Present:           Cllr Jessica Burrows

Cllr Tim Pearson

Cllr Tracy Sortwell – Vice Chair

Cllr John Stannage – Chair

Cllr Graham Stevens

In Attendance:             Jane Hunt and Becky Eames


In the absence of the Clerk, Tim Pearson took the minutes of the meeting

  1. 1.   Apologies for Absence:  Cllr Sean Forward & Cllr Richard Clarke

Concern was registered at the absence of the Clerk again.


  1. 2.   Declaration of Interest:  None


  1. 3.   Planning:  The porch erection at 2 The Nursery  had been approved

Construction of the driveway at 19 Old Leicester Road has gone ahead. Has it

been approved ?


  1. 4.   Minutes of the meeting held on 10th December: These had not been received by all

    councillors.  Only 2 councillors who had been present for all of the meeting were present at

this meeting and hence the minutes could not be approved or signed – agenda item for next



  1. 5.   Matters Arising from the Minutes of the meeting held on 10th December: Discussion

   postponed to the meeting of the 11th February – agenda item for next meeting.


  1. 6.   Finance:   Invoice – Parish Clerk Salary:  In the absence of the Clerk there was no invoice to


Invoice – Parish Clerk Expenses:  In the absence of the Clerk there was no invoice

to consider.

  1. 7.     Leasing of Land – Nene Close:  P.C.C. require a Toddlers Play Area Management Plan

before they will consider granting a lease.


  1. 8.   Toddlers Play Area: Cllr Jessica Burrows along with Jane Hunt and Becky Eames produced an excellent document giving the results of the Village Open Consultation held on the 8th December.  Residents were encouraged to write their views on post-it notes to stick on large wall poster.  There was also a sealed comments box for anyone not wanting to put their views up publically.  At least 33 families were represented at the Consultation.

Responses could be summarised as follows:

  How do you use the green in Nene Close now ?  Never                                    54%

Total number of comments   24                            For exercising the dog          21%

To walk in                             17%

For occasional events             8%


 How could we improve the area ?  Make it more of a community space           30%

Total number of comments   27      Improve parking and hard landscaping        26%

Encourage nature; more planting; seating    44%

What are your views on the plan to include a playground for pre-school children ?

Total number of comments   34       In favour                                                       70%

Opposed to plan                                              9%

As long as there is plenty of space for dogs, the area and is

kept natural and the equipment size deters teenagers.   21%

To obtain funding requires:  (i)  A project plan for design, delivery and completion (We are

awaiting 3 quotes for equipment and design.  When received the Nene Close

residents will be consulted before a decision is made)

(ii)   A long-term management plan (which would include a member of the Parish Council as

site co-ordinator)

(iii)  Proof that consultation has been undertaken.


  1. 9.     Village Notice Board/Map:  This project is on-going  – agenda item for next meeting.


10Peterborough CIL Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule Consultation:  Our

observations have already been submitted.


11.  Correspondence:

Alan Jones (P.C.C.) has been in contact re. Cooks Hole Quarry proposals.  Cllr Stannage

undertook to produce our response and circulate it before sending it off.

The Stonehill Quarry planning application hearing at Northants C.C. had been attended by

Cllrs Stannage and Pearson.  We have been informed that Northants C.C. have granted

the planning proposals (on the assumption that the conditions imposed would be observed).


It was agreed that if noise, dust, transport or any other nuisance from these quarries aggrieves

them Wansford residents should be encouraged (in Living Villages) to react by informing us as

soon as possible.


12,  Matters for Consideration:  The accounts – agenda item for next meeting.

The Parish Council precept – agenda item for next meeting.


13.  Reports from Councillors:  There were none.


14.  Dates of next meetings in the Community Hall:

Monday 11th February 2013 and Monday 11th March 2013

Cllr Pearson presented his apologies for his non-attendance at both meetings.


         Living Villages: Cllr Pearson volunteered to submit an article for the February edition.


The meeting closed at 8.55 p.m.










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