Minutes 13th May 2019


Present: Cllr T Pearson – Chairman
Cllr R Clarke
Cllr G Garner
Cllr D Johnson
Cllr J Stannage
Cllr V Thorley

Parish Clerk Wendy Gray

In attendance: 2 members of the public, were also present for part of meeting.

Cllr Pearson welcomed everyone to the meeting. Action:
19(5)1 Apologies for Absence: Cllr M Handley
19(5)2 Declarations of Interest: None.
19(5)3 Planning:
No new applications.

19/00324/TRE – permitted.
18/02084/HHFUL – permitted.
19(5)4 Minutes of the meeting held on 8th April 2019:
Cllr Stannage proposed, seconded Cllr Clarke, all in agreement for minutes to be signed as a true and accurate record.

19(4)5 Matters arising from the Minutes:

19(6)6 Finance:
Parish Clerk Salary May £233.33
D Knibbs – Litter/Leaves April/May £150.00
CAPALC Affiliation/Data Protection Fee £260.86
All in agreement for above payments to be made.
19(4)8 Wansford Community Hall:
£171.56 cost of blinds only – colour agreed – quotes to be obtained for fitting.

Need to have toilet looked at – build-up of lime scale (stops plunger) look at putting in a new ballcock.
19(4)10 TWPCBGMC Grant: All gone through and work started – money should be spent by deadline.
18(12)9 Wansford Cricket Pavilion:
PCC requesting how much money requesting and what will money be used for? As soon as information will pass to CFL Funding. Michelle 01733 864472.
19(4)12 Contacting Villagers:
Parish Clerk to obtain GDPR rules from CAPALC. Continue to use LV to issue information to residents.

Sign up procedure on website! In principle good idea.
Parish Clerk
19(12)11 Nene Close Water Pump:
Awaiting plans and quotes and in contact with residents. As PCC land need to advise what planning to do and supply pictures.
18(12)10 Highways:
a) 20 mph speed restriction – nothing visible
b) Declassification (road signs) – none
c) Markings in the Centre of the Village – work partly completed
d) The Old Bridge
Note re-confirming meeting with Andy Tatt and Peter Tebb what was discussed, what progress has been made.


18(12)11 A47 Dualling:
HE model been changed completely, everything contractor led, contractor is responsible for design/build etc. – Galliford Try.
18(12)12 WPC Response to Historic England on the revised scheduling of the Scheduled Monument:
Still ongoing.
18(11)12 Kings Cliffe Industrial Site:
WPC should be more proactive because we have had no response from (ENC).
It was suggested that two Councillors deal with NCC (highways), ENC (Planning) and (WPC) can put forward a planning application to modify conditions, either that the lorries turn left when they exit the Industrial Site or are at least no longer required to turn right.
This could bring us into direct conflict with Kings Cliffe PC so we should consult with them before submitting a planning application and explain why we are doing it (quite simply – we do not want lorries coming through Wansford). Clearly it would help to have the support of KC before putting in application.
PCC will not initiate a planning application but will support us. PCC and NCC would need to have a dialogue over the costs of signage changes.

18(11)13 Neighbourhood Village Plan:
No responses to help set up at this time from within the village.
19(2)17 The Peterborough Local Plan:
Nothing further to report – continue to support Castor.
18(11)14 Defibrillator:
Assess over weekly/monthly basis. Report requested sent off. We are covered by insurance. CHT advise we do not need lock – signs still to be put up.

19(5)19 Correspondence:
Letter from Mr Knibbs re increased payment for litter collection service.
Sue Ryder Thorpe Hall Hospice – article to be forwarded to Living Villages.
CAPALC – General Protection Officer (DPO).
PCC Code of Conduct/Interests Training 10th June – Cllr Stannage will attend.
PCC Committee Review Group – Cllr Clarke not re standing.
Fairhurst Estates (RBL) – Paperless Billing – advise we continue to pay annually not monthly.

19(5)20 Matters for Consideration:
Call Connect – report from Cllr Thorley’s experience on using the service – copy will be provided for inclusion in Living Villages.
19(5)21 Reports from Councillors:
– D Knibbs concerned by state of hedging (Seeds Field) and no kerb making his job dangerous. We need to apply pressure for landowner to cut the hedge back – Cllr Stannage has contact email address.

Cllr Clarke advised that he is away for most of the summer.

Report to Martin Booker – damage caused to vehicle – sent crew out that evening to clean up all rubble, asked for any photos – looking at putting in more substantial kerbing.

19(2)22 Date of next meeting in the Community Hall: Monday 10th June 2019 commencing at 7.30 p.m.
Village Magazine Rota – reports for:
June – Cllr Stannage
July – Cllr Thorley
August – Cllr Garner
September – Cllr Pearson
October – Cllr Johnson
November – Cllr Clarke
December – Cllr Handley

The meeting closed at 10.05 p.m.