Minutes 13th January 2014



Clerk: Wendy Gray

13 Dovecote, Rippingale, Bourne PWANSFORE10 0SY

Tel: 01778 441312






Present:           Cllr L Fox-Clipsham

Cllr N Meredith

Cllr T Pearson

Cllr J Stannage – Chair

Cllr G Stevens

In Attendance:  Wendy Gray (Parish Clerk), and 3 members of the public, PCSO’s Michael Courtney-Hunt and Martha Hurley.  Cllr Holdich joined meeting at 7.45 pm.


1. Apologies for Absence: Cllrs R Clarke, S Forward and District Cllr D Lamb  
2. Declaration of Interest: None  
  Report from PCSO’s:

PCSO Michael Courtney-Hunt and PCSO Martha Hurley attended meeting following request at January meeting.


Michael advised on change in procedures – there are now 11 PCSO’s covering the area so we should get a more regular attendance at meetings.


Issues raised traffic speeding through the village, speed signs, cold calling, rogue traders.


Michael will write/speak to Carol Aston requesting signs/stickers and will notify Mary Webber regarding Speedwatch training – would need a minimum of 2 volunteers.  Will also request some leaflets.  Cllr Pearson agreed that leaflets could be put through his letterbox – he would be happy to put on noticeboard.


Useful details (rogue traders) ring e-cos on 101 together with car/van registration number.

3. Planning:

13/01845/HHFUL – Removal and replacement of existing single-storey conservatory and balcony at 2 Robins Field, Wansford PE8 6JW – Parish Council saw no reason to object to this application.


13/01844/CTR – Consultation on Conservation Area Trees Notification

Fell four Cypress trees and one Birch tree at Church Cottage 1 Yarwell Road Wansford Peterborough – this application was missed off agenda, Parish Clerk to speak with Tree Officer (response forwarded that would be guided by his recommendation).


14/00009/CTR – Consultation on Conservation Area Trees Notification

Repollard to historical pruning points at Fielding House, 3 Bridge End Wansford.  This application received after agenda posted, it was agreed that as resident had discussed with Tree Officer on his walk around the village that we would be guided by his recommendation.

4. Minutes of the meeting held on 9th December 2013:

Item 15 (Hugh) to be changed to Hubert.  All Councillors in agreement for minutes to be signed.

5. Matters arising from the Minutes:

Housing Survey request – what people might want to do.


Little Chef presentation – improvement as to what is there already.


Footpath into Nene Close from Peterborough Road – handrail, overgrown verges, vegetation growing through tarmac.  Reported, Parish Clerk to get an update.  Request to also be made to Fit It Van.


Green completely covered in leaves at back of Little Chef.


Light outside Doctors Surgery – request to be made to ENC to see if possibility of having street light here.  ENC contacted with request, referred to NCC who have referred back to ENC, forwarded to NCC – awaiting outcome of latest email.


Grit Bin – request has been made for a new larger grit bin on Nene Close.


Cllr Clarke put in large report in Living Villages re neighbourhood plans.  No responses received to date.







Parish Clerk


6. Finance:

Invoice Parish Clerk – Salary December – £216.66

Invoice Zurich Insurance Renewal – £243.80

All Councillors approved for payment to be made.

7. Precept 2014/2015:

Budget figures had been circulated by the clerk to all Councillors prior to the meeting.  Cllr Stannage proposed that we request the same precept figure as last year (£11,485), seconded Cllr Pearson all in favour.

8. Leasing of Land – Nene Close:

Response received from PCC advising that would be looking into on 6th January.  Parish Clerk in contact on 7th January – no response.  Parish Clerk to chase.


Parish Clerk


9. Toddlers Play Area:

Pending above.


Parish Clerk

10. Village Notice Board/Map:

Still progressing.

Cllr Stannage
11. Correspondence:

Email from resident re HGV’s– copy of email to be forwarded to P Tebb of PCC.

12. Matters for Consideration:

Cllr Pearson asked for update on Quality Status – latest report from CAPALC is that scheme is still under review.


Carpet Sales Notices – signs that are posted in the village are being taken down.


Litter Warden – item to be put on next month’s agenda.

13. Reports from Councillors:

Cllr Stannage asked Cllr Holdich if PCC were still providing Grants to Village Halls.  Cllr Holdich will enquire and report back.


Meeting with Peter Tebb from PCC, Parish Cllrs and residents – lot of views expressed, walked around village, more can’t do’s that can do’s until question asked why not.  Report awaited.


Cllr N Meredith will write a report for the February edition of Living Villages.

14. Dates of next meetings in the Community Hall:

Monday 10th February 2014  Monday 10th March 2014


The meeting closed at 9 p.m.


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