Minutes 12th March 2012




Clerk: Wendy Gray

25 Windsurf Bank, Tallington

Tel: 01778 341496






Present:       Cllr J Burrows

Cllr T Pearson – Chairman

Cllr G Stevens

Cllr T Sortwell

In Attendance:      Wendy Gray Parish Clerk, Mr P Tate and Mr Jefferies

  1. Apologies for Absence:  Cllrs Clarke, Forward, Stannage and Cllrs Lamb and Holdich


  1. Declaration of Interest:  None


  1. Planning:  No new planning applications received for Wansford.


  1. Minutes of meeting held on 10th February 2012: the minutes were approved and signed, all in favour.


  1. Matters arising from the Minutes:
  • Council web site – agenda item for next meeting.


  • Seat now delivered – to be sited far end of OldLeicesterRoad, near Seeds Field and 30 mph sign.


  • Banking signatories forms now completed – agenda item for next meeting.  Parish Clerk to look at other banks to see what is on offer and report back at next meeting.


  • Cllr Clarke still looking into possibility of building launch area under the RiverBridge.


  • Diamond Jubilee – agenda item – see below.


  1. Finance:

Parish Clerk – Salary – £136.64

Parish Clerk – Expenses – £63.56

Living Villages – £120.00

ZurichInsurance – £12.74 (amount missed off previous invoice)


All the above payments were agreed for payment.


  1. Special Projects:
  • Roundabout – request clean up by highways.
  • Village Map/Information Board – Parish Clerk to speak with PCC.
  • Sign for the Community Hall, costings to be obtained and brought to next meeting.
  • 30 mph signs for wheelie bins – signs should arrive next week.  Parish Clerk to speak with Gill at Post Office to see if this could be central point for individuals to collect signs for their bins.
  • Clock on Church – response from PCC would be too minor to require planning permission assuming that the clock would be of an appearance in keeping with the church and not a large railway style clock.  Faculty approval would be required being attached to listed building.
  • Landing stage on River – still pending


  1. Diamond Jubilee: Mr Tate who is one of the organisers involved in the celebrations came along to the meeting to update the Parish Council and confirm what was happening on the day and asked if the Parish Council would consider helping fund the cost of two Portaloos £175, PA and Speaker surround £100, cost of a generator if needed £150 – total request £425.  The Parish Council agreed to this funding.  Mr Tate will let us have invoices when received.


  1. Issues for Highways:  Cllr Stevens will liaise with PCC on issues raised previously and supply further information as requested, see below:


1. Discussion RE signage – We have a few road signs in the village with corroded posts and some are damaged for one reason and    another. We need to get these replaced / repaired as best we can and I believe this to be the responsibility of either highways agency or Peterborough PCC, if you could confirm I will then transact with the correct body.


2. Roundabout White Marking A1 southbound – believe this area is under the contract with Atkins on behalf of the highways agency so will contact Highways / Atkins directly.


3. Decommissioning the A6118 –  believe this is under review at the moment as our Chairman has had conversations in this regard so we will not progress this for the time being until those considerations have some detail.


4. Village Boundary Markers on A47 – As Wansford village is located both North and South of the A47 we would like to consider signage on the A47 Eastbound predominantly, to denote entering Wansford Village. This would not only be pleasant but also act as a reminder to drivers to reduce their speed, maybe incorporate “watch your speed”. Ultimately it would be best to have this both east and west bound signage at the point of entering Wansford Village. From this information could you guide us to which dept would be responsible for this request.


5. A47 Noise Reduction – Currently we have an acoustic fence running along A47 behind Robinsfield as a sound deadening device, it has been brought to our attention by residents that the road noise on the west end of the village is increasing as traffic noise from the a47 increases. We would like to explore the possibility of extending the acoustic fence south down the edge of the village, maybe a couple of houses long to reduce the noise impact to these residents. Again, with this information could you direct us to the best dept to handle this request.


We would also add that the keep left sign at the start of the centre reservation on the eastbound A47 also needs replacing as it has been knocked over, if we could have clarification over whether its highways or PCC at that point, we have been told its PCC as highways responsibility ends at the west roundabout.


  1. Correspondence:  Letter from PC Norm McCallum to say that from the start of April this year he will be moving on to a new role.  It is proposed that the area will be covered by more PCSO’s but we await notification on this.


  1. Matters for Consideration:  None


  1. Reports from Councillors:  Financial Report from Christie Hall for our records, in a very healthy position, lots of organisations now using the hall but unfortunately not that many people from the Village.  Now using money sensibly.  Are going to have a photo competition (local views and surrounding areas) winners pictures to be put on walls in the hall.


Cllr Pearson requested Village Design Statement to be given to New Councillor.  Cllr Pearson

also confirmed that he had received notification on the rates for this next financial year and there

appeared to be an increase in the precept (we had requested it stayed the same).  Parish Clerk to

speak with PCC for confirmation.


13. Dates of next meetings in the Community Hall:

      Monday 16th April 2012    Monday 14th May 2012 Parish Meeting, AGM and PC meetings


The meeting closed at9 p.m.


Actioned by: 














































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