Minutes 12th January 2015

WANSFORD PARISH COUNCILwww.wansfordvillage.com

Clerk: Wendy Gray

13 Dovecote, Rippingale, Bourne PE10 0SY

Tel: 01778 441312






Present:           Cllr M Handley

Cllr T Pearson – Vice Chair

Cllr J Stannage – Chair



In Attendance:  Wendy Gray Parish Clerk, Mr B Dunnakey, Mr and Mrs G Waudby, Carol Aston



1. Apologies for Absence: Parish Cllrs V Thorley, R Clarke, G Stevens, City Cllrs D Lamb and J Holdich.  
2. Declarations of Interest: None  
3. Co-option of Councillor:  Cllr Pearson proposed Mr G Garner seconded Cllr Handley – Mr Garner accepted and was asked to join the Cllrs.  Parish Clerk will forward relevant paperwork to Mr Garner for completion and then forward to PCC.  Parish Clerk
  Carol Aston reported:Heating oil thefts continue to be a problem for Sutton and Wansford – and I continue to do prevention work with both victims and non victims.


Michael Courtney-Hunt is carrying out survey to get people signed up to e-cops over the next 6 months.


Heating Oil alarms (watchman alarm) or try to hide tank.



Cross Keys – have arranged for the lighting at the garages to be made brighter and an electrician will be carrying out these works on 12th January.

4. Planning:14/02225/FUL – ENC – Change of Use of Jacks Green at Rockingham Forest Park to provide for a range of tourist accommodation (caravan lodges and camping pitches), with supporting access infrastructure, hard standing bases with drainage and service provision, visitor facilities and landscape planting.  Rockingham Forest Park

Wansford Road Kings Cliffe Northamptonshire – Concern was expressed on

increased volume of traffic that would be created through the village, we already

have traffic problems with vehicles going to and from the industrial estate.

Litter would also be an issue, we are currently experiencing litter being thrown out

of vehicles at top of Old Leicester Road as they come through the village.  In view of the above the Wansford Parish Council are not in favour of this application.  Clerk to advise PCC to make them aware of the application.









Parish Clerk

5. Minutes of the meeting held on 15th December 2014: It was agreed that the minutes should be approved and signed  
6. Matters arising from the Minutes: Theft of Oil – keep as an agenda item.


Litter Warden – Cllr Pearson attended Sibson-cum-Stibbington Parish Council meeting and confirmed that they had more problems with litter than Wansford.  Margery Beuttell had met briefly with Cllrs Stannge and Handley prior to meeting and advised that they were keen to join forces in search of a Litter Warden/Community Cleaner.  It was agreed we would look at drawing up a job description of areas to be maintained and it was felt that perhaps every two months would be sufficient.  With regards to Wansford the areas would be Top of Old Leciester Road, Top of Old North Road, Bridge End and the Underpass.  Cllr Pearson has over the last few months been clearing rubbish in Wansford and reported that it was not feasible to walk around with just a bag and picker (too much rubbish) felt we would need someone with a vehicle with appropriate licence to dispose of waste.  Parish Clerk will draw up a job description to cover both parishes – both parishes would be invoiced separately on hours undertaken.


Litter Bin – Cllr Stannage met with Amey – request made for a basic litter bin near the bench and a dog bin to be sited close to the sign on the green, PCC to sanction.  Still pending.


Cycle Way – request made of Rights of Way Officer “can we upgrade to a bridleway”.  Awaiting response.  Parish Clerk to follow up.


A1/A47 Roadworks – “Intelligent traffic lights”, Martin Oliver assured Cllr Stannage there would be no problems.














Parish Clerk







Parish Clerk



7. Finance: Invoice Parish Clerk – Salary December – £216.66

Invoice Zurich Insurance – Renewal – £243.80

It was agreed that above invoices should be paid.


Precept 2015/2016 – requests to be received at PCC by 6th January.  Draft Budget and Receipt and Expenditure to be circulated to all Cllrs for comment prior to next meeting.





Parish Clerk



8. Leasing of Land – Nene Close update:  Response received from PCC – do not accept revisions made by Parish Council – Parish Clerk to ask solicitor to respond re Clause 4 of the agreementasking them to look at expanding clause ie if PCC terminates agreement they make good with alternative land in Wansford?Planning application to be submitted once Landscape Officer has carried out visit.   


Parish Clerk

Cllr Stannage

9. Toddlers Play Area: Ongoing.  
10. Village Notice Board/Map: Cllr Stannage will contact Laura Fox-Clipsham for an update.  Parish Clerk to supply Cllr Stannage with possible company who can draw up plan (alternative), information on supplier of Noticeboards given to Cllr Stannage. Cllr StannageParish Clerk
11. Meeting with Police & Crime Commissioner:  Cllr Stannage meeting with Police Commissioner on 21st January.  Cllr Stannage will report back after meeting.  
12. Correspondence: Response received from Police Commissioner to our letter re oil thefts.


Mr Blake, The Firs – concerned about access road down to the river at side of his property.  Is there any chance of putting a barrier across roadway?  Parish Clerk to contact Anglian Water who have access to this area.


Thornhaugh Liaison Committee – next meeting has been arranged for 2.00 pm on 3rd February at ENRMF.





Parish Clerk

13. Matters for Consideration:Reduction of Noise from A1 – concerns expressed about increased road noise ie could be road surface/traffic/pot holes – continuing surveys should be carried out to assess!  Parish Clerk to write to Highways Authority.


Rota for producing Report in Living Villages

February – Cllr Stannage

March – Cllr Thorley

April – Cllr Handley

May – Cllr Clarke

June – Cllr Stevens

July – Cllr Garner


Parish Clerk

14. Reports from Councillors: None  
15. Date of next meeting in the Community Hall:Monday 9th February 2015 commencing at 7.30 p.m.  


The meeting closed at 9.35 pm




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