Minutes 11th March 2019


Present: Cllr J Stannage – Chairman
Cllr R Clarke
Cllr M Handley
Cllr T Pearson
Cllr V Thorley
Parish Clerk Wendy Gray

In attendance: 9 members of the public were also present together with members of Sutton PC.

Cllr Stannage welcomed everyone to the meeting. Action:
19(3)1 Apologies for Absence: Highways England, Cllrs G Garner, D Johnson, City Cllr D Lamb
19(3)2 Declarations of Interest: None.
19(3)3 Presentation by Highways England:
Cllr Stannage disappointed to learn on 4th March HE withdrew their intention to come to the meeting on the grounds hadn’t sufficient information to give to us. Overwhelmed with responses that came through following statutory consultations. Active contacting residents in the village (land owners) but we are not privy to that information. We are going to go proactive and arrange a meeting with them!! From this meeting take a little more information to address issues with them. Their project team has been disbanded (moved to other projects), design consultants services have been withdrawn and are in process of putting together a new design team. Fourth set of consultants!! Given all above, very unsatisfactory situation.
Cllr Pearson proposed that the two Parish Councils hold meeting with HE at earliest opportunity. Seconded Cllr Clarke, all in agreement.
18(12)11 A47 Dualling:
Meeting opened up to members of the public.
19(3)5 Planning:
1 new application received (too late) to be included on agenda, Parish Clerk to request extension of time.
Parish Clerk
19(3)6 Minutes of the meeting held on 11th February 2019:
All in agreement for minutes to be signed as a true and accurate record.

19(3)7 Matters arising from the Minutes:
Peterborough Cycle West – short of an amount of monies to complete consultation to get to planning stage. Agenda item for April.

Historic England – no response as yet – still with Secretary of State.

Bus Service – some residents not aware of Call Connect Service.

Grant T&WPCBGC – applied for grant of £1000 from Grantscape – do not offer grants under £5000 – will apply for £5000.

Wansford Community Hall – decorating completed, curtains, pictures to be put up – look at possibility of blinds (keep warmer). Cllr Stannage explained situation re management committee or lack of and proposed responsibility is taken back under the Parish Council. Agenda item for April meeting.
19(3)8 Finance:
Parish Clerk Salary March £233.33
D Knibbs Litterpick/Leaves February/March £150.00
Donation Living Villages £120.00
Donation St Mary’s Church Lighting £120.00
All in agreement for above payments to be made.
18(12)9 Wansford Cricket Pavilion:
Awaiting response from Cllr Lamb re PCC advice on whether we are legally able to make a donation.
19(2)11 Nene Close Water Pump:
Email sent to Steve Kaye re quote for brick work etc. Ongoing.
18(12)10 Highways:
a) 20 mph speed restriction signs
b) Declassification (road signs)
c) Markings in the Centre of the Village
d) The Old Bridge
Cllr Stannage reiterated to Cllrs meeting with Andy Tatt to take place on Thursday 14th March 2019 at 5 pm – meeting in the Community Hall to discuss above and other issues.

19(3)12 Correspondence: Circulation of emails.
Matters for Consideration:
T&WPCBGC Grant – contribution will be required to go with completed paperwork. Agenda item for next meeting.
No way of contacting villagers (ie if we have to cancel meeting other than noticeboard/website). Agenda item for next meeting.
Parish Clerk
Parish Clerk
19(2)22 Date of next meeting in the Community Hall: Monday 8th April 2019
Village Magazine Rota – reports for:
April – Cllr Clarke
May – Cllr Handley
June – Cllr Stannage
July – Cllr Thorley
August – Cllr Garner
September – Cllr Pearson
October – Cllr Johnson

The meeting closed at 9.03 p.m.

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