Minutes 11th March 2013



Clerk: Wendy Gray

25 Windsurf Bank, Tallington

Tel: 01778 341496






Present:                       Cllr Jessica Burrows

Cllr Sean Forward

Cllr Tracy Sortwell – Vice Chair

Cllr John Stannage – Chair

Cllr Graham Stevens

In Attendance:            Wendy Gray (Parish Clerk), 1 member of the public

  1. 1.   Apologies for Absence:  Cllrs Clarke and Pearson


  1. 2.   Declaration of Interest:  Cllr Sortwell (9 Old Leicester Road)


  1. 3.     Planning:

13/00219/HHFUL – Consultation on Householder (Full) – single storey rear

Extension at 9 Old Leicester Road, Wansford PE8 6JR – no objections were raised.


  1. 4.   Minutes of the meetings held on 14th January and 11th February 2013: The minutes of both meetings were approved.


  1. 5.   Matters Arising from the above Minutes: No matters arising.


  1. 6.   Accounts:

Internal Risk Management Control – no changes made, Parish Clerk to ensure Chair and Vice

Chair are emailed each quarter with accounts statement.


  1. 7.   Finance: 

The following invoices were approved for payment.

Wendy Gray – Parish Clerk Salary (February) – £170.80

Living Villages – £120.00


  1. 8.     Leasing of Land – Nene Close: Cllr Burrows has been given a new contact who will provide guidance to fulfil and get Management Plan perfect which can then be presented to PCC.  Meetings scheduled for April and October for obtaining contribution from Landfill Site.  It was suggested that we ask Cllrs Lamb and Holdich to give us their backup when submitting the plan and hopefully help to progress through quickly.


  1. 9.     Toddlers Play Area: as above hinged with leasing the land.  Quotations have been obtained for play equipment.


  1. 10.  Village Notice Board/Map: Cllr Sortwell reported on progress to date.  3 Graphic Designers have been contacted but only 1 has responded that they will come back to us.  Cllr Lamb had been forwarded email with quotation to substantiate requesting a contribution from PCC’s Community Account of £500 towards the noticeboard.  Parish Clerk to ascertain current position.  It was agreed project should be done, will undoubtedly be a benefit to the village.


This project is on-going – agenda item for next meeting.


  1. 11.  Correspondence:  Various emails received. 

Vtesse re new Fibre Optic Cable.  It appears all householders had received a letter but the Parish Council had not received any notification of intended works.  It was proposed that a letter be sent to Highways at PCC top ensure that wayleaves and responsibilities are met.


A47 underpass is a mess, full of leaves, has flooded several times and there are also a number of lights out again.  Also reported large number of street lights not working north of the A47.

Parish Clerk to write to relevant departments and prepare a list of useful contact numbers for residents (suggest displaying on website/living villages).


Email from NCC re variation of condition 14 (Time Limit) of planning permission 12/00078/MINFUL.  No further comments made.


Alan Jones from PCC Planning had called Parish Clerk that afternoon requesting attendance at Parish Council Meeting – it was agreed to invite to next meeting.


Grasscutting – Parish Clerk to request schedule of proposed grasscutting from PCC.


Fix it Van – Parish Clerk to request schedule of proposed visits to village.



  1. 12.  Matters for Consideration:  Cllr Forward apologised for his non attendance at last few meetings unfortunately due to work commitments.


Trees overhanging footpaths and grass growing over footpaths in Old Leicester Road and along the river bridge.  Cllr Stannage will walk around village and confirm to clerk areas concerned for report to be made.


Wansford Church – building work has now been completed – could we request surrounding area is tidied up i.e. renovate green area where building materials were stored.  Parish Clerk to send letter to Church Warden in first instance.


  1. 13.  Reports from Councillors: Cllr Sortwell attended AGM at Christie Hall on 28th February.

Finances are in reasonable shape.  Bookings are steady, looking at investing in a Scottish Widows Account through a Charities Aid Foundation to earn better return of interest.  The lottery has been very successful, thanks to all distributors.  Will continue to make improvements i.e. re gravel car park.


Cllr Sortwell will submit article for April edition.


  1. 14.  Date of next meetings in the Community Hall:

Monday 8th April 2013 – Monday 13th May 2013

     Apologies received in advance for the following meetings:

8th April – Cllrs Burrows, Sortwell, Stevens

13th May – Cllr Sortwell

10th June – Cllr Sortwell

12th August – Cllr Sortwell, Wendy Gray Parish Clerk


The meeting closed at 9.20p.m.











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