Minutes 11th January 2016



Clerk: Wendy Gray

13 Dovecote, Rippingale, Bourne PE10 0SY

Tel: 01778 441312





AT 7.30 P.M.


Present:           Cllr R Clarke

Cllr G Garner

Cllr M Handley – Vice Chair

Cllr D Johnson

Cllr T Pearson – Chairman

Cllr J Stannage

Cllr V Thorley


In Attendance:   Wendy Gray – Parish Clerk, 2 residents of Nene Close


1. Apologies for Absence: City Cllrs J Holdich and Diane Lamb  
2. Declarations of Interest: Cllr Thorley (item 3)  
3. Planning:

15/02131/HHFUL – Two storey extension to the south elevation at 5 Yarwell Road, Wansford, Peterborough PE8 6JP – no objections raised.



Parish Clerk

4. Minutes of the meeting held on 14th December 2015: 

Cllr Stannage proposed, Cllr Garner seconded that minutes were a true and accurate record and that Minutes should be signed, all in agreement.

5. Matters arising from the Minutes:

Response from Peter Tebb re our issues – Parish Clerk to contact and request time frame for issues to be sorted.


Parish Clerk

6. Finance:

Parish Clerk – salary (December) 2015

The above invoice was approved for payment.


Precept information received – agenda item for February meeting.  Cllr Clarke asked if Play Area could be split from general Parish Council expenditure.





Parish Clerk

7. WI Centenary Donation:

The Parish Council continue to progress re the supply and installation of a handrail and lighting along the access path to the Community Hall, they are also in the process of seeking alternative quotations and possibility of trialling solar lights.  A sample of solar light produced, it was agreed that we would purchase and trial (a) Gate Post (b) corner of hall.







8. Toddlers Play Area: 

Two residents of Nene Close were in attendance at meeting.  Firstly they requested an Apology from the Parish Council for not being advised of sequence of events i.e. Low Loader blocking access, Foreman of works constantly blowing horn of his vehicle to attract workers attention.  Several residents who live on Nene Close work nights.  Cllr Stannage apologised on behalf of the Parish Council as he was the lead contact re the works but explained that we had been given a date, this had been changed at short notice etc etc several times.  Apology was accepted.  Parish Clerk will advise Play Area contact that perhaps their contractors when on sites be more aware of these sort of issues.

One resident reported that at our initial discussions with residents about the play area mention was made about the Well and that it was in need of repair, the Parish Council had mentioned that perhaps this could be repaired as a feature.  The resident advised that he had the brass pump from the Well in his garage if and when we needed it.  Parish Council will look for a builder to complete the renovation works in due course (Stephen Kay, John Lucas).


Parking issues were raised – there is a major problem and has been a problem for a long time.  Reported that the area between the trees is more than large enough for several cars to park – in view of possible increased parking re Mums using the play area could we make a request of PCC now play area is up and running to alleviate parking on Nene Close.  Emergency services would encounter difficulties.


Very substantial construction, fencing now completed.  Contractors finished on site Tuesday lunchtime 12th January 2016 and signed off.  We are insured by company until we pay for it, Cllr Stannage and Parish Clerk will obtain quotations for our own insurance asap.  Cllr Clarke proposed that Cllr Pearson and Cllr Stannage are delegated to act as a sub-committee on behalf of the Parish Council to agree and sign off with chosen insurance company i.e. insurance for Parish Council/Community Hall and Pay Area combined, all in agreement.


Cllr Stannage will obtain two locks for the gates.


Opening event – suggest Easter Weekend (Good Friday 25th March to Easter Monday 28th March) invite Thornhaugh Landfill representative, Stamford Mercury etc.








Parish Clerk
















Cllr Stannage & Parish Clerk


Cllrs Stannage & Pearson




Cllr Stannage


9. Village Notice Board/Map:

Suggested final changes: Fill in colour white instead of yellow, Bridge End wording needs including, 2 footpaths out 1 new one put in, Key box to be moved –  Cllr Pearson will submit final draft.



Cllr Pearson

10. Ivy: 

Now with PCC.

11. Community Infrastructure Levy: 

More information sought from PCC.


Parish Clerk

12. Correspondence: via email

Resident commented the mile posts on the Old Leicester Road and the Bridge are looking a little uncared for, he was wondering what the maintenance policy was. In the absence of any policy could he undertake to get them painted at his own

expense?  Parish Clerk to respond as the Parish Council have no maintenance policy in place we have no objection if he wished to clean them.


Parish Council Liaison Meeting 9th February 2016

Peterborough & Fenland Green Party

Free AED’s –





Parish Clerk

13. Matters for Consideration:

Access to 20 Nene Close – Cllr Pearson met with developers who advised works to be carried out, reported back to resident access may not be available, works to begin in March until December.


Extent of Tree Planting in Water Meadow – Cllr Clarke will email his contact to gain further information and facts.


Mick George, stone on road  – someone from the village barrowed the stone away.


Overhanging tree branches encroaching on footpaths – item for newsletter requesting owners to take responsibility in the first instance.


Neighbourhood Watch/No Cold Calling Signage to be included on February Agenda.







Cllr Clarke





Cllr Thorley



Parish Clerk

14. Reports from Councillors:

Village Magazine Rota – reports for:

February edition – Cllr Thorley

March edition – Cllr Garner

April edition – Cllr Stannage

May edition – Cllr Handley

June edition – Cllr Clarke

July edition – Cllr Pearson

August edition – Cllr Johnson





16. Date of next meeting in the Community Hall:

Monday 8th February 2016 commencing at 7.30 p.m.



The meeting closed at 9.30 pm


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