Minutes 11th February 2019


Present: Cllr J Stannage – Chairman
Cllr G Garner
Cllr M Handley
Cllr D Johnson
Cllr T Pearson
Cllr V Thorley
Parish Clerk Wendy Gray

In attendance: City Cllr D Lamb and 8 members of the public were also present.

Cllr Stannage welcomed everyone to the meeting. Action:
19(2)1 Apologies for Absence: Cllr R Clarke, Highways England
19(2)2 Declarations of Interest: Cllr Johnson – Kings Cliffe Industrial Site
Cllr Thorley – Planning application 2 Yarwell Road
19(2)3 Planning:
18/02084/HHFUL – Pitched roof extension over existing garage and addition and 2 storey side extension at 1 Old Leicester Road Wansford Peterborough PE8 6JR – no objections raised.
19/00065/CTR – Fell Himalayan Cotoneaster at 2 Yarwell Road Wansford Peterborough
– response We refer to the advice given to us by Bryan Clary on 30th January – the Parish Council believe tree is a feature of the village green area and would not like
to see cut down – if tree is cut down would like to see a replacement planted a little further forward.
18/02079/HHFUL- Proposed two storey side extension and single storey front and rear extensions at 23 Old North Road, Wansford, Peterborough – no objections raised.

Parish Clerk

Parish Clerk

Parish Clerk
19(2)4 Minutes of the meeting held on 14th January 2019:
All in agreement for minutes to be signed as a true and accurate record.

19(2)5 Matters arising from the Minutes: None.
19(2)6 Finance:
Parish Clerk Salary February £233.33
Fairhurst Estates (RBL Rent) £3,130.34
All in agreement for above payments to be made.
19(1)7 Peterborough Cycle West:
Cllr Garner proposed we offer £500 – no seconder. Cllr Stannage proposed we support/reconsider when it is at planning stage, recommend they talk to HE.
Item to be removed from agenda for time being.
Parish Clerk
18(12)8 Wansford Community Hall:
Not yet completely decorated out, monies received from Grantscape. Try and conserve energy by making windows more heat retentive. Photos have been sent to Grantscape.
Question why paintwork on sign/gates different colours – easier for people to find. Item to be removed from agenda.
18(12)9 Wansford Cricket Pavilion:
Request for funding – can we support (used by some members of the parish) mobile toilet facility ie 6 month rental basis– issue surrounding tenure of land. Cllr Lamb to enquire of PCC solicitor if Parish Council can contribute (legal implications)? Agenda item for next meeting.
19(2)10 Delaine Bus Service:
Cllr Stannage attended meeting with Bus company re cessation of Saturday service, circulars had been put through doors. Call Connect appear to be coming through the village, is this providing adequate service to Wansford?
19(2)11 Nene Close Water Pump:
What do we require to get fixed up? Cllr Stannage proposed we approach Steve Kay to obtain quote for works to be done. All Cllrs in agreement, should have Parish Council support. Agenda item for next meeting.
18(12)10 Highways:
a) 20 mph speed restriction signs. Parish Clerk emailed P Tebb for an update several times but no response. It does not appear that people are adhering to the 20 mph limit.
b) Declassification (road signs) – Parish Clerk emailed P Tebb for update several times but no response.
Peter Hiller, Cabinet Minister for Transport contacted re a) and b) above.
c) Road markings in the Centre of the Village – Parish Clerk contacted Martin Brooker – response received, copy to all Cllrs.
d) The Old Bridge – a good job is being done so far.
Following letter to Cllr Hiller email received from Andy Tatt’s assistant with proposed dates for meeting with Parish Cllrs in March – Parish Clerk to request some dates in February.

18(12)11 A47 Dualling:
HE attendance at meeting cancelled due to not enough information being available. Parish Clerk to contact re attendance at Parish Council meeting on 11th March!
Cllr Stannage will contact Church re possibility of using this venue for meeting with anticipated numbers expected together with some Sutton residents. Cllr Lamb to establish who we need to invite from PCC Planning Department. HE are attending Sutton Parish Council meeting on 21st March.

Cllrs Stannage/Lamb
18(12)12 WPC response to Historic England on the revised scheduling of the Scheduled Monument:
We put n detailed response to their consultation, we are not happy with what they are putting forward have heard nothing further at this time.
18(11)12 Kings Cliffe Industrial Site:
Decision to contact ENC again with previous information received from NCC.
18(11)13 Neighbourhood Village Plan:
If have no value why progress it – consider again if Castor Village Plan agreed.
19(2)17 Peterborough Local Plan:
In process of being completed on 29th February, Cllr Pearson proposed WPC support an amendment to the Local Plan from Castor, seconded Cllr Garner, all in agreement.
18(11)14 Defibrillator:
Cabinet not locked – cost £50 – Cllr Stannage proposed seconded Cllr Handley, all in agreement that we obtain lock – Cllr Stannage to progress.
Training – note in LV asking for anyone who is interested to contact Parish Clerk.
19(2)19 Correspondence: Circulation of emails.
Cllr Pearson (Grantscape) re possible grant for T&WPCBG.
Cllr Stannage – email from Consultants (Seeds Field) “at this point WPC is not undertaking a Neighbourhood Plan therefore would not like to enter into discussions at this time”.
Matters for Consideration:
Review of Parish Clerk Salary and payment method. Agenda items for next meeting.
19(2)21 Reports from Councillors:
Wansford Layby – being used (putting up gates etc) HE have stated will be closed off until A47 dualling is completed. Marcia Eastman HE to be contacted to advise that area is still being used for various purposes.

Oundle Marathon coming through village 17th March (Yarwell Road/OLR/Kings Cliffe Road) at least 600 Runners – information to be passed to Cllr Stannage to enquire about safety implications etc.
19(2)22 Date of next meeting in the Community Hall or St Mary’s Church: Monday 11th March 2019
Village Magazine Rota – reports for:
March – Cllr Johnson
April – Cllr Clarke
May – Cllr Handley
June – Cllr Stannage
July – Cllr Thorley
August – Cllr Garner
September – Cllr Pearson

The meeting closed at 9.17 p.m.

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