Minutes 11th August 2014

WANSFORD PARISH COUNCILwww.wansfordvillage.com

Clerk: Wendy Gray

13 Dovecote, Rippingale, Bourne PE10 0SY

Tel: 01778 441312






Present:           Cllr R Clarke

Cllr M Handley

Cllr T Pearson – Vice Chair

Cllr J Stannage – Chair

Cllr V Thorley

In Attendance: PCSO Mary Webber, Mr G Bedford, Mr M Ims

Apologies for Absence: Cllrs Fox-Clipsham, Stevens, Lamb and Holdich  
Declarations of Interest: None  
  PCSO Mary Webber: reported on incidents from 14th July to 11th August – 5 calls in total.  Speedwatch – met with Brian Robbins we trained up 6 people from Wansford and 2 from Southorpe, equipment is with Wansford continue to report to 101. 

PCSO was asked re break-in to outbuildings, were there any patterns to them, PCSO not aware.

  Mr Ims: Mr Ims came along to seek advice from Parish Council on what type of property we would consider appropriate in Robinswood to replace his existing property (is looking at possibility of putting 3 buildings on whole site) before he submits plans to PCC.  Parish Council found it very difficult to comment as area has lots of different styles of properties.  
Planning:14/01123/HHFUL 4 Yarwell Road, Wansford PE8 6JP – revised details for the above application have been made by Mr and Mrs Gibson – the PC have no further comments to make.


14/01272/TRE Consultation on Preserved Trees Application – 2 Beech trees 4m crown lift and 20% thin TPO 1979_09 W01 at 11 Black Swan Spinney, Wansford PE8 6LE – will be guided by Landscape Officer.


14/01384/TRE – Fell 4 Lime trees and 1 Ash tree TPO 1964_01 (W01),  Vetlanda House, 11 Robinswood, Wansford  Peterborough – will be guided by Landscape Officer.


14/01414/CTR – T1 Fell spruce tree.  T2 and T3 prune laurels.  T4 Crown lift tulip tree by removing lower branches.  T5 Fell ash sapling at Anchor Cottage, 5 Riverside Spinney, Wansford – will be guided by Landscape Officer.


14/00768/CTR – Reduce 2 x Hazel trees to a minimum of 2.5 metres at The Lindens, 7 Old North Road, Wansford – will be guided by Landscape Officer.


 Parish Clerk




Parish Clerk




Parish Clerk




Parish Clerk





Parish Clerk

Minutes of the meeting held on 14th July 2014: It was agreed that the minutes should be approved and signed  
Matters arising from the Minutes: Changing Boundaries – draft letters drawn up – letters to be sent to Yarwell Parish Council in the first instance requesting a meeting with YPC to discuss.  Parish Clerk
Finance: Invoice Parish Clerk – Salary July – £216.66

Invoice CAPALC Affiliation Fee – £170.73

It was agreed that these invoices should be paid.

Leasing of Land – Nene Close update: Cllr Clarke had spoken with Mr Tate re PCC Draft Licence who had made some amendments (circulated to Parish Council).  Mr Tate’s first recommendation was that we should go back to the Grantscape and check if they are happy with a licence rather than a lease and also whether they will accept 20 years rather than 25 years. Legally there is no particular significance to either period of time. His view was that a licence was preferable as the word “lease” immediately triggers 20 page documents and lots of complications.  Cllr Stannage to contact Grantscape. 

Our focus should be on getting a satisfactory outcome if PCC want to use the land for other purposes and to allow us to get out if we need to.

I thought his wording on “nuisance” was quite elegant.  Mr Tate suggested we contact Jonathan Williams at Roythorns or Philip Wright at Buckles. Philip has been involved in a project in Kingscliffe using landfill tax money and may be willing to help on “mates rates”.


Cllr Stannage

Toddlers Play Area: Planning Application to be submitted – Parish Clerk to contact PCC for guidance on this. Parish Clerk
Village Notice Board/Map: Pending.  
Underpass – Lighting, flooding, cleanliness etc, Bus Stop, Post Box:Underpass: Peter Tebbs of PCC provided available dates to discuss Underpass and other issues in the village – Parish Clerk to request Peter Tebbs to invite a member of Highways Agency to also be in attendance to discuss situation with the Underpass – Parish Council will fit in with dates available.


Bus Stop: PCC had written to Bus Company on 25th July “Please see request from Wansford Parish Council for two new stops served by the 9 service.  I have visited the sites and have no objections to new stops being installed but as you are the operator serving the village your approval is needed.  Any issues please call me.”  Parish Clerk contacted PCC prior to meeting for response from Bus Company with a view to when this can commence.  Response awaited.


Post Box:  Letter had been sent to Royal Mail HO, their response is as follows – “On receipt of correspondence I contacted the Collections Planning Manager concerned.  He has looked into your request but has informed me that the above mentioned area does not warrant the installation of a new post box at this time.  As part of our regulatory requirements we must ensure that there is a post box within half a mile of at least 98% of all ‘delivery points’ (usually a customer’s letterbox) nationally.  As the current posting facilities in the above mentioned area already meet these requirements, I regret that we are unable to meet your request on this occasion.” Royal Mail, Plymouth.

 Parish Clerk






Parish Clerk

Liaison Committee Meeting Minutes Discussion: covered important issue of boundary review of elected wards.  Second round consultation has quite substantial effect on this, each ward to have 3 councillors but no reason given for this.  We have until 16th October to make our comments, individuals to write in.   
Ward Extensions:discussions took place on email from Cllr Holdich contents below – 

“Re ongoing Ward Boundary Review, as requested by the Local Government Boundary Commission.  In March, the City Council put together a proposal which went to the Boundary Commission which kept our rural communities together.  However unfortunately the Commission has rejected these proposals, and has put forward, amongst other things, the following changes:


  • To put Castor, Ailsworth, Sutton, Upton, Wansford and Thornhaugh into the City Ward of West.
  • In the case of Marholm, the Commission would like the village to be swallowed up by the new town area of North Bretton.
  • Barnack – the proposal for a one Member Ward has also been rejected.


Following a meeting at Castor, Councillor Lamb was mandated to ask me to ask you to discuss this with your Parish Council, as a matter of urgency, and come to a view how we can keep our villages together, as a Community.


With this in mind, I would like to invite one of your Members to attend a meeting on Wednesday 3rd September7.00pmat the Town Hall to discuss this situation.  I will ensure the appropriate Council Officer is also in attendance.  If you could confirm which Member of your Parish Council will be attending please.  I must ask that, to keep the meeting manageable, just one member from your Council attends the meeting, that they come with the views of your Parish Council and that these views are also provided to me in advance of the meeting.  Finally, just to reiterate, the Commission requires each Ward to be a three Member Ward and, as such, each Councillor should have approximately 2,500 voters i.e a Ward of approximately 7,500 – 8,000 electorate.”


Cllrs Clarke and Stevens were in attendance at the meeting in Castor.  As Cllr Clarke may not be available it was proposed that we ask Cllr Stevens to attend in the first instance.


Wansford Parish Council proposed and were all in favour of an “election every 2 years” – Cllrs Lamb, Holdich, Leader of City Council, all Cllrs to be advised of our decision.


Article to be placed in Living Villages with request that responses are sent to Parish Clerk or request attendance at next Parish Council Meeting on 9th September when the Parish Council can obtain views of the parish.

Correspondence: email from resident in Bridge End re Zig Zag crossing.  
Matters for Consideration:Cllr Thorley will write article for next edition of Living Villages.


Items to be discussed with Peter Tebbs at meeting:

  • Handrail costs (Nene Close)
  • Footpath northern end of the village (your walk round with Councillors)
  • Zig Zag Crossing
  • Church Footpath
  • River Bridge – movement
  • Underpass issues i.e. lighting/flooding/cleanliness
  • Drain on Yarwell Road
  • Bollards Old Leicester Road
  • Reinstatement footpath Old Leicester Road (Vtesse)


Quality Status update: The scheme is under review at present and we are awaiting launch date for the new scheme (Ian Dewar, CAPALC).

Reports from Councillors: None  
Dates of next meeting in the Community Hall:Monday 8th September 2014  


The meeting closed at 10.15pm


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