Minutes 10th June 2013



Clerk: Wendy Gray





Present:           Cllr R Clarke

Cllr Sean Forward

Cllr Tim Pearson

Cllr John Stannage – Chair

In Attendance:  Wendy Gray (Parish Clerk), Carol Aston and Aimee Hunter from

Thorpe Wood Police Station and Mr and Mrs Cox



1. Apologies for Absence: Cllrs Sortwell and Stevens  
2. Declaration of Interest: Cllr Forward (item 3)  
3. Planning:

13/00683/HHFUL – Erection of two glazed gable roofs to rear flat roof extension and loft conversion at 17 Old Leicester Road, Wansford, PE8 5JR – the Parish council have raised no objections and will be guided by Conservation Officers report.


Parish Clerk

4. Minutes of the meeting held on 13th May 2013:

All Councillors approved minutes and agreed for them to be signed subject to change under item 1 “Cllr Burrows has tendered her resignation” being made.

5. Matters arising from the Minutes:

Carol Aston and Aimee Hunter from Thorpe Wood Police Station were in attendance and reported as follows:

Two crimes reported in last 1.5 months i.e. theft of plant pots and theft from motor vehicle (items left on display) – hence why trailer brought in to village.


Cllr Stannage reported that there may have been some activity near standens field which is overseen by Northampton Wildlife Trust where reported diesel was stolen.


Cllr Stannage reported that members of PCC and CCC had been invited to attend July meeting to discuss issues Heavy goods vehicles using bridge, issue over speeding particularly in Old North Road area.  Aimee suggested Speedwatch may be an advantage in the village with say perhaps 4 individuals trained to carry out i.e. take note of vehicle no, type of vehicle etc and reporting to Police.  If vehicle is reported on say 3 occasions Police will then pay a visit to their home.  Cllr Forward would be interested in training for scheme.  Aimee will pass through to Road Safety Office to set in motion and a request will be made for volunteers to take part in the scheme in the Village Magazine.


Carol Aston reported on bogus callers and cold calling and had produced two leaflets to be put on noticeboards etc.  Copies were also left in Community Hall and Carol will produce a report for publication in next edition of Living Villages.


Carol and Aimee will try to get to our next meeting in July when members of PCC and CCC will be in attendance.


No further update received re application from Mick George.  Cllr Clarke had spoken with Alan Jones PCC Planning who reported that he will be going to back to site to check compliance issues.  Request for update to be provided to Parish Council.


Vtesse – further update to be obtained from PCC, Parish Clerk to follow up.


Street Lights – no updated list received, Parish Clerk to follow up.


Trees overhanging – pending.


Quality Status – progressing.


Gullies – request made to clear on this side of Old North Road.  Cllr Clarke will check to see if work done.


























Parish Clerk



Parish Clerk

Parish Clerk





Cllr Clarke

6. Finance:

Invoice Parish Clerk – £213.50 – all Councillors approved for payment to be made.

7. Leasing of Land – Nene Close:

Meeting held at Community Hall on the 8th June by Nene Valley Tots group who presented four different plans for range of equipment and layout of play area.


It was clear from all that attended that Plan 2 appeared to get the majority vote.  It was felt that a gate and fence was needed around the area.  Not sure of total number of attendees but approximately 10 people (including some residents from Nene Close) put forward their views.


Cllr Stannage was advised that a Business Plan has already been sent to PCC and it was felt that we now need support from Cllrs Lamb and Holdich to get this project moving forward.


The Parish Clerk will contact Jessica Burrows to obtain a copy of Management Plan submitted and forward a copy to all Councillors including Cllrs Lamb and Holdich requesting them to pick up the baton on our behalf to get moving forward with regards to the lease.













Parish Clerk

8. Toddlers Play Area:

Pending as above.

9. Village Notice Board/Map:

Cllr Stannage reported that Cllr Sortwell done a lot of work on this and the Parish Council have not supported this.  Draft design has been done, costing approved, would all councillors look at draft proposal, put some nuts and bolts to it and liaise with Cllr Sortwell with any suggestions/comments asap.


Who owns the village green – maps provided by PCC inconclusive.  Parish Clerk to contact LR to obtain map.  Cllrs proposed a budget of up to £30 be spent on obtaining information.


All Cllrs





Parish Clerk

10. Correspondence:

Seeds Field – following recent correspondence received Cllr Stannage requested that PCC Tree Officer be asked to visit site to discuss “hedgerow act that we feel has been violated”.  Cllr Stannage will be happy to meet with Tree Officer.


Parish Clerk

11. Matters for Consideration:

BT Kiosk – resident reported that Thornhaugh have a lovely BT box and the one in Wansford is in need of a good clean up (painting) and trees overhanging.  It was agreed that if at some time in the future the PC would like first refusal to buy if situation arises.  In the meantime the Parish Clerk will contact BT and ask for the box to be repainted and Cllr Clarke will look at problem with overhanging trees.


Question from resident: How long can a property remain empty, unfinished and unsightly i.e. Coopers Cottage.  Can planning enforce that area is tidied up, do they have to pay council tax if empty.  As the whole area is listed Cllr Clarke will ask question at meeting on 2nd July.


Parish Clerk/Cllr Clarke




Cllr Clarke

12. Reports from Councillors:

Cllr Stannage reported – Nene Close Footpath Peterborough Road – a handrail needs to be installed, and a clear up needs to be done ie overgrown hedge, and undergrowth.  Uneven slabs also need fixing very dangerous walking along it.  Parish Clerk to report to PCC.


Pathway out of Community Hall/Nene Close – if this is right of way, needs to be upgraded.  Parish Clerk to report to PCC.


Cllr Pearson reported that new sign “Robins Field leading to Robinswood” has appeared.

Thank you PCC.


Cllr Stannage requested that PCC be advised of Cllr Burrows resignation and seek advice on filling the vacancy.


Cllr Pearson reported from last Thornhaugh & Wansford Parish Burial Ground Maint Committee meeting.  Hubert Warren has resigned due to ill health and it has been agreed that the Parish Clerk from Wittering will carry out the clerks’ duties in future.  Hubert Warren to become an honorary committee member.  Finances are in a good position.  Next meeting will be held at Bob Reeves house.


Parish Clerk



Parish Clerk





Parish Clerk

13. Dates of next meetings in the Community Hall:

Monday 8th July 2013

Monday 12th August 2013


The meeting closed at 9.10 p.m.


Apologies from Cllr Clarke, Forward Pearson who will not be available to attend August meeting.


Apologies from Cllr Clarke who will not be available to attend September meeting.



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