Minutes 12th November 2012



Clerk: Wendy Gray

25 Windsurf Bank, Tallington

Tel: 01778 341496







Present:             Cllr J Burrows

Cllr R Clarke

Cllr T Pearson

Cllr T Sortwell – Vice Chair

Cllr J Stannage – Chair

Cllr G Stevens

In Attendance:  Wendy Gray Parish Clerk,

City Cllr D Lamb

Mr N Harding, Group Manager, Development Management, Planning, PeterboroughCity          Council

12 Members of the public


Cllr Stannage welcomed all to the meeting and looked forward to an in-depth debate.  Subject to Parish Councils agreement he suggested we deal with items 1,2,3 and 7,8 first.  All Cllrs in agreement.

  1. Apologies for Absence:  Cllrs Forward


  1. Declaration of Interest:  None


  1. Planning: 

Stonehill Quarry – Mr N Harding from PCC attended meeting to clarify what had gone on and the situation to date:


Located within East Northants District and Northampton County Council area, planning consent granted by ENC.  It is a live planning consent.  If MG wants to do something different to their original planning condition does not qualify, this is not the case.  If does something different would need extra planning application.  Cannot say that enforcement would be carried out.


We need to be clear what route WPC and PCC go down.  Conditions that may or may not be applied are adhered to.


Noise should be dealt with by environmental protection area where you live.  PCC should have dealt with the noise issue.


How should we pursue to apply pressure to ENC and NCC through PCC to apply correct conditions are put in place?


We understand MG has put in application for works at the Quarry.  Using hydraulic breakers “untrusive”.


H&SE should be contacted – the more specific we can be about our complaint i.e. what sort of noise etc will help PCC.  Residents reported “prior to 6.30am breaker type noise, dust being created.


12/01658/FUL – Construction of new access drive to Plot 1 at 21 Old Leicester Road,

Wansford PE8 6JR – report that they had concerns of the application due to visibility of

entering onto main road and what damage would be caused to tree roots but would be

guided by Highways and the Tree Officer.


12/01544/WCPP and 12/01545WCPP – Cooks Hole, Leicester Road, Thornhaugh – both

applications were discussed in depth – the Parish Council strongly support the conditions

that were set in the first instance, they have to stay in place and see no reason for varying

these conditions. The Parish Council would strongly support PCC in dealing with these

applications as sees fit and ask that they be rejected for the reasons given above.


12/00030/REFPP – Appeal on refusal of permission for Importation of inert material for

recycling and infill to achieve a beneficial restoration to agricultural land, Thornhaugh 2

Quarry, Peterborough.  The Parish Council support the refusal and will support PCC’s

officers in their appeal.


  1. Minutes of meeting held on 8th October 2012:

Subject to minor changes “ item 14 should read Thornhaugh & Wansford Parish Council Burial Ground Committee”  the minutes were approved and signed, all in favour.


  1. Matters arising from the Minutes: –


Roundabout – still progressing.


The Parish Clerk is trying to arrange for representatives of PCC to attend next meeting

to discuss roundabout, bridge, parking near Church, A47, Old Leicester Road and

Peterborough Road, downgrading Old Leicester Road, gritting etc.


Underpass – it was suggested that we ask the fix it van to clear the underpass twice a

year i.e. Spring and Autumn.


PCC Grass cutting – it had been noted that some areas in the village were not or had not

been cut as regularly as others.  It was agreed that we would ask PCC for a schedule of

proposed grass cutting for next year in February 2013.


  1. Finance:  Invoice Parish Clerk – Salary – £170.90

The above invoice was agreed for payment.


Cllr Stannage made request that for all the work Cllr Burrows had done on producing

flyers re the play area etc that the Parish Council consider reimbursement towards

some of the printing costs.  It was unanimously agreed that the Parish Council would

reimburse for the cost of ink cartridge.


  1. Leasing of Land – Nene Close:

Cllr Burrows reported that she had met face to face with Laura Almond from PCC who

was giving us guidance with contacting the right people.  The Parish Council have to

submit a Management Plan before PCC consider giving us the lease i.e. say a 10 year

plan.  No undertaking confirmed until we do and submit Management Plan.  The Parish

Councillors were all in agreement to submit a Management Plan.


  1. Toddlers Play Area:

It is also hoped that Laura Almond from PCC will attend our “Open Day” on the 8th

December at which time all residents’ views will be taken on board and considered by

the Parish Council.  Cllr Burrows hopes to have the Management Plan completed by end

of November.


Several residents raised the issue of parking in the proposed Toddlers Area.  It was

agreed that the PC would contact Highways to establish rules on parking in this area (not

double yellow lines).  It was also agreed that this be highlighted in our article for the

Village Magazine.


Dog Fouling was also a concern and should all dogs be on leads – excrement being left in

area particular more so now nights are drawing in – it was agreed that we would contact

PCC to establish if we still have a Dog Warden to see if anything can be done and again

also mention in article for the Village Magazine.


Cllr Lamb reiterated that she and Cllr Holdich have a Community Budget and would be

happy to help towards some costs of equipment.


  1. Village Notice Board/Map:

             Digital Map -Cllr Clarke will write to PCC who granted licence in first place to see if we

can get it upgraded.  Question “under places of interest do we name the pubs and shop” it

was agreed we would just list as Public House etc.


  1. Peterborough CIL Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule Consultation:

            Cllr Clarke suggested that a working party be put together to discuss the above and bring

before Parish Council at next meeting on 12th December for a response to be made to

PCC.  All Cllrs in agreement, working party to consist of Cllrs Clarke, Sortwell and

Stevens.  Cllr Clarke will arrange meeting.


  1. Correspondence:

Nothing to report.


  1. Matters for Consideration:

Quality Status – Parish Clerk is continuing to gather all relevant information to put before

the committee early in 2013 to reinstate Quality Status.


  1. Reports from Councillors:

Stonehill Quarry – Cllr Stannage reported that he would speak with Local Councillors and

Local MP to suggest a meeting with WPC to listen to our concerns re the Quarry.


11/01584/FUL – Cllrs Pearson and Stannage attended the appeal hearing on the 17th

October re proposed Gypsy family settlement South of the A47 and East of the A1 by Mr

Sam Jefford – a determination is expected within 5 – 6 weeks.


Cllr Stannage attended Peterborough Conference which was all based on localism, PCC

and their visions.  Saw nothing that we don’t already know, information has been put on

to our website.


Community Hall – meeting held on 17th October, Cllrs Stannage, Burrows and Pearson in

attendance.  Discussion on signs on window and entrance to walkway.  Quotes to be

received.  Have hired professional cleaning service to clean the hall once a month (2

hours at a cost of £28) decision to be made at later date to decide if more hours more

regularly are required.  Regular groups using the hall will have appointed key holders.

Two heaters in the hall are not safe or stable, need to look at replacing.  Awarded £1100

from PCC, a very good meeting and now have a very useful committee.


Cllr Sortwell reported that a couple of changes needed to be made to details on the

website i.e. Cllr Stannage (old address), Cllr Sortwell noted as (Ms) not Mrs.  Parish

Clerk will amend.


Chairman and Vice Chair’s contact details also to be put on noticeboard.


  1. Dates of next meetings in the Community Hall:

Monday 10th December 2012 and Monday 14th January 2013



The meeting closed at 9.50 p.m.


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