Living Villages Wansford PC report Nov 2017

The Parish Council met on the 9th October 2017 at the Community Hall with six councillors present. The Clerk and our Ward Councillor Diane Lamb were also in attendance.
A full report of the meeting’s minutes can be found on the Parish Council website.
The Picnic site off the A47 still has major issues and the Chairman will again discuss this with Highways England (HE). Their response to Jason Ablewhite, the Police and Crime Commissioner was unsatisfactory, and failed to address the issues, and we are still waiting to hear back from our MP’s Office. Some work has been done to tidy the area, but much more is needed.
The upgrading of the A47 is likely to be on the agenda for some time, with HE preferred route being challenge as not agreeable to local residents. Whilst the significance of the Scheduled Monument site at Sacrewell is recognised, the extent of the site surely needs investigating to allow further thought for a more northern route to be discussed. Taking the new road closer to the River Nene is in itself destroying an area of valuable environmental importance. Local opinion is very important, however you feel about this, please have your say and make Highways England aware.
You may have noticed the phone has gone from the telephone box on Old North Road, and there is to be a defibrillator installed. We are planning this will be under the continuing supervision of Community Heartbeat.
At last we have some news on the 20mph speed limit for the centre of the village! The legal process is soon to start, with advertising and letters to residents. The crossroads, pedestrian crossing and bus stop are becoming increasingly dangerous for pedestrians, especially children and the elderly, so please let Peterborough City Council Highways know how you feel about it, or come along to a Parish Council Meeting and express your view. Yes, it would be helpful to have both belisha beacons flashing, but we have seen the white line road markings refreshed recently!
Further improvements are planned for the Community Hall, and an application will be made to the Augean Landfill Tax Fund to part fund the project.
It is good to see the lights and handrail working well, and again many thanks to the Wansford and Stibbington WI for their very generous support as part of their Centenary Year.
The next Parish Council Meeting is on the 13th November 2017, at 7.30 pm, and everyone is most welcome.
John Stannage Chairman, Wansford Parish Council

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