Living Villages Wansford PC report Jan 2018

Minutes of meeting held on January 8th 2018

In attendance: all Parish Cllrs, PCC Cllr Diane Lamb and two members of the public

Defibrillator : Martin Fabian from The Community Heartbeat Trust gave a detailed presentation of the technical and practical use of a defibrillator in the community and demonstrated the different types of equipment and their long term management, servicing and costs. The Councillors will make a decision at the next meeting as to which would be the most suitable and sustainable system for installation in the Old North Road ex BT kiosk. All Wansford residents will receive an instructional card before the defibrillator goes “live” in the next few months. More to follow…..

Parish Precept: it was agreed that for this year, WPC would not be requesting an increase in the PP. However, with a considerable increase in expenditure on pending village projects during this next year, it is expected that the PC will seek an increase in next year’s PP.

Highways: there are several ongoing projects which WPC are pursuing with PCC.
20 mph limit in the village centre. After the closing date of January 26th for public consultation, it should take approx 4 months for the signs to be erected in the village (paid for out of WPC budget)
Declassification of the A6118. (Old North Road to south side of bridge) WPC will discuss a plan to replace the large directional sign boards around the village with new, smaller “finger signposts” plus other required signage more suited to a village environment,(again, paid out of WPC budget)
Road markings, resurfacing, drainage problems. Ongoing pressure to get PCC to sort out the problems which WPC have continued to highlight on a monthly basis.
Hopefully, we will be able report next month that these problems have been actioned as a Highways Official will be attending a site meeting in the village later this month.

Quality Status: Wansford Parish Council is keen to be be seen as an open and properly functioning body and to this end is pursuing the gold standard of recognition of “Quality Status”. This requires a high degree of scrutiny and transparency, making public all details of Council activity and data online. This will be a lengthy ongoing project.

Picnic site/ A47 dualling: No further information to report this month. The SAR report, detailing the precise details of the Sutton to Wansford dualling, including the configuration of the two Wansford roundabouts, is due out now ( and should have been received by the time this magazine is published).

Peterborough Local Plan: This has been published, suggesting that the Authority is planning for another 21,315 new homes to be built in the next 20 years. The possible development on the A47 north of Castor has been rejected and there are no other implications that might affect any of our villages.

Other matters:
PCC has a venture, “ Care and repair”, to assist elderly individuals or people with special needs who need practical support in their home. The manager, Ross Carr, can be contacted on 01733 863895 or at .

The Community Hall is to be given a complete makeover, repair and refurbishment, at a cost to WPC of around £1500 with the remainder coming from relevant funding and grants.

The ongoing problem of traffic pouring over the bridge and through the village whenever the A1 northbound is at a standstill (now almost a weekly occurrence) is a major problem. The Clerk will write to Highways England to highlight our concerns about the poor safety record of the stretch of road from Alwalton to Stamford and the chaos this causes in the village. ( safety cameras, speed limit?)

The next meeting of Wansford Parish Council will be held on Monday, February12th at 7.30 in the Community Hall. Members of the public are invited to attend and participate.

Vivien Thorley, Wansford Parish Counsellor

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