Living Villages Wansford PC report Dec 2017

The Parish Council (WPC) held a meeting on 13th November at
7.30 pm in the Community Hall.
Five councillors were present with Wendy Gray, the Parish Clerk, in attendance, Also present was one member of the public.
Apologies received from Councillors R Clarke, D Johnson and Diane Lamb.
A full report of the meeting can be found on the Parish Council website.
The A47 Picnic site still has ongoing issues, made worse by a spate of fly tipping, with Councillors and a Peterborough City Council (PCC) Enforcement Officer visiting site.
The Police advise that The Public Spaces Protection Order is unlikely to be available in the near, or even distant, future therefore the only likely improvement we can see is for Highways England (HE) to progress a plan of regular maintenance and general tidying of the area.
Also there has been a spate of thefts from vehicles, especially from parked cars at popular walking venues.
Two people have been apprehended, but the message is lock your vehicles and place valuables well out of sight.
Heating oil thefts are increasing in surrounding areas, so if there is anything you can do to protect your property, please do.
There were concerns over planning applications in the Nene Close, with parking and access being the main issues. Residents have voiced some concern and PCC Planning are aware.
The Wansford Community Hall has ongoing improvements to be made and progress will be further discussed at the December WPC meeting.
You may be pleased to hear that the A6118 Old North Rd/ Bridge End has now been re-classified to become the C340. We should hopefully see some benefit on the safety front with this, and the WPC will be progressing this with some determination.
After an unfortunate start by Highways, the 20 mph plans are now back on track, and this should also help with pedestrian safety.
The A47 Dualling has seen some months ‘slippage’ in the process, with ongoing lobbying to persuade HE to adopt the norther route.
The WPC will discuss progression of the revised Quality Status, but a few councillors are concerned of it’s value to the council. If residents have a view on this, the next meeting may be the place to voice it!
The last meeting of 2017 will be held in the Community Hall on December 11th 2017, at 7.30 pm and everyone is most welcome.
John Stannage, Chairman Wansford Parish Council

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