Minutes 9th November 2015



Clerk: Wendy Gray

13 Dovecote, Rippingale, Bourne PE10 0SY

Tel: 01778 441312





AT 7.30 P.M.


Present:           Cllr R Clarke

Cllr G Garner

Cllr M Handley – Vice Chair

Cllr D Johnson

Cllr T Pearson – Chairman

Cllr V Thorley


In Attendance:   Wendy Gray – Parish Clerk, Brian Robins Cambs Police, Paul Cole, Emily Gutteridge Police & Crime Commissioners Office.


1. Apologies for Absence: Cllr John Stannage, City Cllrs D Lamb and J Holdich  
2. Declarations of Interest:  
3. Mr Brian Robins – Speedwatch Co-ordinator:

The Parish Council was contacted about using the speed gun in the village, indicated that we shouldn’t be doing this to avoid strong confrontation with drivers, we asked how can we do this and invited Brian along to our meeting.


Brian Robins – concerned for own safety taking decision to use hand held device, someone could take offence if pointed at someone, seen to be aggressive by some people and they will challenge i.e. they cannot see what speed they are doing whereas speed signs will show this.


Speedwatch – On the other side of the bridge Speedwatch has been operational until recently, they have now handed kit back until further notice.


Thing to remember it is not enforcement, that is matter for the police to deal with, it is trying to educate people to make them think.


Councillors – we want to ascertain i.e. survey all roads in the village where speeding occurs so that we can decide how many display boards we would need and where they should be placed.


How do police deal within county boundaries?  Do not only send to people in our county this would get passed on to police in other counties to deal with.

Councillors will think about how we proceed.

  Emily Gutteridge – Police & Crime Commissioners Office:

Emily introduced herself and explained her role in the Police & Crime Commissioners Office.  Emily would be pleased to receive information any information on events or activities within our area that may be beneficial for her to attend. If there are any policing concerns we have or any further updates from her office that we might require then we are to let her know. Public feedback is invaluable to producing a reflective Police and Crime Plan.


Councillors Comments:

Cutting back on PCSO’s/e.cops service – both invaluable service to the community.  Using 101 does work.


Cllr Clarke has done more readings, will do some more along Old Leicester Road.

4. Planning:

15/01814/FUL New storage building (Class B8) with hard standing, car parking and portakabins at Site 32 Oil Depot, Wansford Road, Kings Cliffe, Northamptonshire (sent via Huntingdon District Council) – this application has already been seen and responded to.



Parish Clerk

5. Minutes of the meeting held on 12th October 2015: 

Minutes agreed and signed.

6. Matters arising from the Minutes:

Walk around with Peter Tebb – Peter had advised of some dates when he is available and it was agreed we would suggest Friday 27th November at 11.00 a.m. meeting at the Wansford Community Hall.


Lack of lighting on junction (cross roads)

Give Way Sign poorly position at cross roads

Drainage on Yarwell Road

Drains at the bottom of Bridge End


Neighbourhood Watch Signage – survey of locations to be done and decided which posts to put signs on, signs to be measured to determine numbers (suggest carry out survey on walk about).


Dog Bin – response received from PCC, no further action will be taken by them.  Cllr Stannage has offered to paint the bin black in due course.


Secretary’s Note: Mr Tebb has confirmed his availability and the Walk Around the Village will take place on 27th Nov 15.



Parish Clerk












Cllr Stannage

7. Finance:

27th October 2015 – BACS payment to The Children’s Playground Co. Ltd – £4,958.69 (deposit)

Parish Clerk – salary (October) 2015 – £216.66

Grantscape – Third Party Donation – £3,409.00

The above invoices were approved for payment.


Bank Signatories – it was agreed that it would be a good idea to increase the number of signatories – the Parish Clerk will obtain paperwork to include Cllrs Handley, Johnson and Thorley as additional signatories.

8. WI Centenary Donation:

Quotations still awaited for Handrail and Electrics to new sign – Parish Clerk to follow up.


Parish Clerk

9. Toddlers Play Area: 

The Children’s Playground Co. Ltd have now commenced building of slide etc.


Copy of design and plan to be forward to all Cllrs.


The purchase of two more benches was proposed for the “children’s minders”.




Parish Clerk

10. Village Notice Board/Map:

Art work due to be completed, copy to be emailed to Parish Council in first instance before submitting to Harry Stebbings.

11. Neighbourhood Watch/No Cold Calling Signage: 

Further discussions on numbers of signs required – proposed locations need to be decided and posts measured, to be done on walk around on 27th November.




12. Ivy: 

Could PCC please advise what the plan of action is in detail – we would assume that the Ivy needs to be cut back above the roots in the first instance and then left for a period of time to die off.


Where do Community Payback feature in plans to clear?



Parish Clerk

13. Community Infrastructure Levy: 

We should pursue ways of using this to the advantage of the village.  Article to be placed in the magazine for members of the village to respond by 7th December 2015.



14. Correspondence:

Letter from Jim Daley, PCC advising that the building known as Wansford and Thornhaugh War Memorial situated in the Churchyard of St Mary’s Church, Wansford in the Peterborough City Council Authority Area has on the 5th November 2015 been included in a list of buildings of special architectural or historic interest approved by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport under section 1 of the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990.


Use of pensioner’s bus passes in different areas.  In Lincolnshire can use before 9.30 a.m. without paying, in Peterborough have to pay if use before 9.30 a.m.

15. Matters for Consideration: 

Approval for motor cycle department down the road, what action is being taken re access (cross Peterborough Road) – only access will be Peterborough Road.  Cllr Clarke will write to P Tebb and discuss at walk around.


Dog Bins – 3 in close vicinity (look at type when walk around)


Old North Road – now have to walk on kerb as overgrown shrubbery from property(s) onto path.  Willow tree needs trimming back from street light.  Reminder to residents that they need to ensure that trees growing in their gardens do not obstruct walk ways.


Toilet Block – Cllr Garner will contact Highways England to ask why such a large amount of money was spent on traffic lights and nothing can be spent on toilets despite our numerous requests.


Light on end of Community Hall does not come on until you get near to the door – Cllr Pearson to raise with Community Hall Committee.




Cllr Clarke









Cllr Garner




Cllr Pearson

16. Reports from Councillors:

Village Magazine Rota – reports for:

December edition – Cllr Pearson

January edition – Cllr Johnson

February edition – Cllr Thorley

March edition – Cllr Garner

April edition – Cllr Stannage

May edition – Cllr Handley

June edition – Cllr Clarke





17. Date of next meeting in the Community Hall:

Monday 14th December 2015 commencing at 7.30 p.m.


Apologies received in advance from Cllr Clarke and Cllr Thorley who will not be available for December meeting.



The meeting closed at 9.20 pm