Minutes 9th May 2016



Clerk: Wendy Gray

13 Dovecote, Rippingale, Bourne PE10 0SY

Tel: 01778 441312





AT 8.10 P.M.


Present:           Cllr R Clarke

Cllr G Garner

Cllr M Handley – Vice Chair

Cllr D Johnson

Cllr T Pearson


Cllr Pearson chaired the meeting (unanimously agreed) in the absence of Cllr Stannage


In Attendance:  Wendy Gray, City Cllr D Lamb, Kate Wood


1. Apologies for Absence: Cllrs Stannage and Thorley  
2. Declarations of Interest: None  
3. Planning:

16/00637/FUL – Construction of five flats (resubmission) – Land Off Peterborough Road, Peterborough Road, Wansford, Peterborough – Parish Council still have issues with proposed parking – would request if PCC are mindful to approve to put before full committee.


16/00636/WCPP – Variation of condition C6 (approved plans) of planning permission 15/01119/REM – Application for Reserved Matters (Appearance, Landscaping, Layout and Scale) for the construction of nine two storey dwellings with single storey garages and associated access road/infrastructure pursuant to planning permission 14/00643/OUT at Land Adjacent To Former Little Chef Great North Road, Wansford – Parish Council – Parish Council still have issues with proposed parking – would request if PCC are mindful to approve to put before full committee.




Parish Clerk






Parish Clerk

4. Minutes of the meeting held on 11th April 2016: 

Cllr Garner proposed, Cllr Handley seconded and it was agreed that the above minutes were a true and accurate record and that Minutes should be signed.

5. Matters arising from the Minutes: None.  
6. Finance:

Wendy Gray – Salary May 2016 – £233.33

Harry Stebbings – Village Noticeboard – £1,833.60

P Taylor – Internal Audit 2015-2016 – £150.00

CAPALC – Affiliation Fee 2016-2017 – £200.86

The above payments were approved.

7. WI Centenary Donation:

Pending – WPC is continuing to seek quotations for a hand rail and lighting.


Cllr Stannage

8. Village Notice Board:

Notice board has arrived – now needs to be installed on the green area, need to decide where it goes and when installation will be carried out.




9. Speed Signs:

Cllr Clarke produced map where proposed signs need to possibly go.  Cllr Clarke will email Peter Tebbs, PCC for guidance.

10. Correspondence:

Various items circulated to all cllrs via email


Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebrations – when in possession of all the facts will look at possibly contributing half.


Christie Hall rent – should village be made aware of position, allowing villages to decide ie referendum.  Cllr Lamb will speak with Electoral Services for advice and if so could this be included for 23rd June.




Cllr Stannage




Cllr Lamb


11. Matters for Consideration:

No Cold Calling Signs – Cllr Clarke produced map which highlighted which signs had been fixed so far.


Single Solar light brought by Cllr Pearson to show Cllrs.


Toilet Block – Parish Clerk to send further note seeking clarification when would be opened, H&S issue.


Footpath Old Leciester Road – contact Peter Tebb re Gigaclear – PCC to write to them to enforce Gigaclear into getting path reinstated.








Parish Clerk



Parish Clerk

12. Reports from Councillors:

Letters to be sent to Cllr J Holdich and Carol Aston Police thanking them for their help and support over the last few years.


Village Magazine Rota – reports for:

June edition – Cllr Pearson

July edition – Cllr Clarke

August edition – Cllr Johnson

September edition – Cllr Thorley

October edition – Cllr Stannage

November edition – Cllr Garner

December – Cllr Handley





13. Date of next meeting in the Community Hall:

Monday 13th June 2016 commencing at 7.30 p.m.

Apologies received in advance from Cllr Pearson.



The meeting closed at 9.35 p.m.



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