Minutes 12th March 2018

Clerk: Wendy Gray
13 Dovecote, Rippingale, Bourne PE10 0SY
Tel: 01778 441312


Present: Cllr J Stannage – Chairman
Cllr G Garner
Cllr M Handley
Cllr T Pearson
Cllr V Thorley

In Attendance: 1 member of the public, Paul Rudd

Item N° Cllr Stannage welcomed everyone to the meeting. Action:
18(3)1 Apologies for Absence: Cllr D Lamb, Cllr R Clarke, Cllr D Johnson, Wendy Gray Parish Clerk. In the absence of the clerk Cllr T Pearson took minutes.
18(3)2 Declarations of Interest: Cllr M Handley – item 18(3)3Rivermead
18(3)3 Planning: 2 Planning Applications were considered:
18/00248/HHFUL – Glazed Canopy to south east elevation at Rivermead, Bridge End, Wansford. (A copy had been sent to Sibson-cum-Stonington Parish Council since this proposal affects their view across the River Nene)–We considered this proposal unacceptable and ask that the conservation Officer looks at it closely since it is out of keeping with the rest of the Conservation area.
18/00378/CTR – Reduce height of Walnut tree (T1) by 2m and reduce lateral branches to balance shape. Reduce height of Ash tree (T2) to 3m at Church House, 5 Bridge End, Wansford– we have no objections and will be guided by recommendations from the Tree Officer.

Parish Clerk

Parish Clerk
18(3)4 Minutes of the meeting held on 12thFebruary 2018:
With the amendment of the date in item 18(2)17 to 9th April, all were in agreement for above minutes to be signed.
18(3)5 Matters arising from the Minutes: We had received the copy of the noise pollution survey carried out by “Acoustic Associates”, Peterborough for the resident of 5 Swanhill. The chairman agreed to scan the document and email it to members of the parish council and Mr. Paul Rudd resident at 7 Swanhill. The noise levels recorded were well above the acceptable level: at the house 65-70dB and at the boundary of the property 70-75dB. Paul Rudd agreed to invite the resident at 5 Swanhill to our next council meeting. Agenda item for next meeting.

J. Stannage

Paul Rudd
Parish Clerk
18(3)6 Finance:
Wendy Gray, Parish Clerk – Salary February 2018
D Knibbs, Litterpick (February and March) £150
Christie Hall rent (due 24/3/2018) – £3,130.34
Community Heartbeat for defibrillator – £2,125.00
All in agreement for above payments to be made.
Cheques to be prepared and circulated for signatures
18(3)7 Wansford Community Hall:
Grantscape’s decision on our grant application to be made on March 26th.
18(3)8 Highways:
a) 20 mph speed restriction – no more information.
b) Declassification (road signs) – no more information. Cllr Clarke to continue
contact with Peter Tebb of PCC.
c) Markings in the Centre of the Village – will be done sometime after April.
d) Road Surfaces – still not bad enough yet to get on PCC works list.
18(3)9 A47 Dualling:
Our response to the Scoping document has been sent and received in time. The meeting in St. Mary’s church on Monday 19th March has been set up and advertised as has the agenda. The local resident, Paul Rudd, asked what the SAR report contained but it was explained that we were not at liberty to discuss it. However, it was agreed that it would have to be discussed at the March 19th meeting, even if the embargo had not been lifted.
18(3)10 Peterborough Local Plan Update:
No further information.
18(3)11 Peterborough Parish Liaison Meeting:
John Stannage will attend the meeting
J Stannage
18(3)12 Quality Status:
No further information.
18(3)13 Website:
It was agreed to archive everything since it would take too much effort to decide what to delete. A counter for the number of hits on the website would be informative. This to be an agenda item for the next meeting.

Parish Clerk
18(3)14 Acre – Rural Affordable Housing: The chairman wished to draw attention to the need for smaller housing (e.g. bungalows) for those senior residents wishing to downsize and remain in the village. This would release larger properties for families or development. He would put an article in living Villages.

J Stannage
18(3)15 Correspondence:
None not already considered.
Parish Clerk
Matters for Consideration:

Electric car charging points in the village? Agenda item for next meeting.

LED replacement programme – PCC’s response to Cllr Clarke’s letter revealed that there was a lack of understanding of our issues.

Parish Council elections – 3rd May. The clerk was thanked for circulating info from PCC and asked to circulate current electoral numbers to members of the Parish Council.
Parish Clerk

Parish Clerk
18(3)17 Reports from Councillors: There were none.
18(3)18 Date of next meeting in the Community Hall: Monday 9thApril 2018
Apologies for absence – Cllr Garner
Village Magazine Rota – reports for:
April – Cllr Stannage
May – Cllr Garner
June – Cllr Clarke
July – Cllr Pearson
August – Cllr Johnson
September – Cllr Thorley
October – Cllr Johnson

The meeting closed at 8.59 p.m.