Clerk: Wendy Gray

13 Dovecote, Rippingale, Bourne PE10 0SY

Tel: 01778 441312





AT 7.30 P.M.


Present:           Cllr R Clarke

Cllr G Garner

Cllr D Johnson

Cllr T Pearson

Cllr J Stannage – Chairman

Cllr V Thorley


In Attendance:  Cllr Diane Lamb and 1 member of the public


1. Apologies for Absence: Cllr M Handley and Parish Clerk W Gray  
2. Declarations of Interest: Cllr Clarke re 16/02073/HHFUL  
3. Picnic Site:

PCC  planning will not enforce notice on removing of hazardous waste ramp
near river  even though it is just upstream of a drinking water inlet  but
the Wansford Parish Council do not agree on cancelling enforcement notice
on this and shoring up roadside which were  completed without planning
permission so have written to the PCC.
There was discussion on the future of the picnic site with resident who is
interested in developing the site which could solve many problems.
The police will maintain a presence in the picnic site so the investigation
is on-going.

4. Planning:

16/02073/HHFUL –  2 storey extension to side at 6 Robins Field, Wansford,
Peterborough – no objections raised.

16/02216/HHFUL – Single storey rear extension and raised terraced area at
Rivermead, Bridge End, Wansford – this was discussed, the neighbour has no objection, no objections were raised by the Parish Council.


Parish Clerk




Parish Clerk

5. Minutes of the meeting held on 14th November 2016: 

All Cllrs agreed that the above minutes were a true and accurate record and that Minutes should be signed.

6. Matters arising from the Minutes:

Police presence in the village has been agreed by PCS who cover other villages as well.

7. Finance:

Wendy Gray – Salary November 2016 – £233.33

Wendy Gray – Parish Clerk Expenses – £97.56

The above payments were approved.

8. Risk Assessment:

The Parish Council shall be totally transparent and aim to get the best deal for the Village.

9. WI Centenary Donation:

The chairman has updated the builder to measure for the handrail and for it to be
fitted into concrete and finished at the hall end to keep maximum width and see about installing low level lighting.

10. Christie Hall:

No change as the lease has not yet been forwarded for signing.

11. Speed Signs/20 mph Zone in Wansford:

This is progressing and we would like to reduce the large traffic signs in
the village to make it more conservation friendly.  A map will be obtained with position of 20 mph signs for discussion.  A police presence needs to be seen against speeding.  John will draft a response to a resident’s letter against the 20 mph idea
explaining statuary signs and we should get a follow up speed survey.





Cllr Stannage

12. A47 Dualling:

Cycle Way needs to be on south side of the river to aid access and be a dedicated cycleway, we are expecting more information after 9th January.

13. Proposals for scrutiny of rural issues:

Wansford has an interested councillor who has applied for this post.

14. Peterborough Local Plan update:

This is due in January and so far the Castor area has been reduced from 4500 homes to 2500 homes.  No actual news yet on the Sibson Garden Village.

15. Correspondence:

All covered in above items.

16. Matters for Consideration:

Date of Meetings still in discussion so that it does not clash with other Parish Councils.

17. Reports from Councillors:

Parish conference discussed secure means of data storage possibly using the
PCC system as the gov website has too many conditions attached to make it a
workable alternative.
Parish Clerk to BCC councillors with letters sent.


Village Magazine Rota – reports for:

January – Cllr Garner

February – Cllr Pearson

March – Cllr Clarke

April – Cllr Johnson

May – Cllr Thorley

June – Cllr Johnson

July – Cllr Handley






Parish Clerk

18. Date of next meetings in the Community Hall:

Monday 9th January 2017  Monday 13th February 2017



The meeting closed at ** p.m.

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