Minutes 11th December 2017



Clerk: Wendy Gray

13 Dovecote, Rippingale, Bourne PE10 0SY

Tel: 01778 441312






Present:           Cllr J Stannage – Chairman

Cllr R Clarke

Cllr G Garner

Cllr M Handley

Cllr T Pearson

Cllr V Thorley

Cllr D Johnson – Secretary


In Attendance: members of the public


Mr A Allen

Mr A Stace


Item N° Cllr Stannage welcomed everyone to the meeting.


17(12)1 Apologies for Absence: City Cllr D Lamb, Sgt R Passam, Clerk to the Council W Gray  
17(12)2 Declarations of Interest:  Cllr Stannage declared a non-pecuniary interest in Planning Application 17/02254/CTR as an adjacent property  
17(12)3 Picnic Site:  Little progress made in resolving the illegal activities that prevent the site being used for its designated purpose.


Cllr Clarke to advise which PCC Cabinet member might be able to assist.


Parish Clerk to persevere with PCC/Highways England (HE)/Police to deter the illegal activity




Cllr Clarke


Parish Clerk

17(12)4 Planning: 3 Planning Applications were considered:

17/02254/CTR – Minor tree surgery on 3 trees.  The Parish Council had no objections to this work.


17/02230/CTR – Minor tree surgery to 3 trees.  The Parish Council had no objections to this work.


17/02185/CTR – fell 23 Lime trees.  The Parish Council understood the need for the work but was mindful of the visual impact on the Village.   The Parish Council requests that, should the PCC be minded to approve the Application, it requires a replacement planting plan to be provided.



Parish Clerk



Parish Clerk




Parish Clerk

17(12)5 Minutes of the meeting held on 13thNovember2017:  A minor amendment was adopted to reflect the Parish Council’s intent with 17/01958/FUL and those that were in attendance on that date agreed that the above Minutes were a true and accurate record and that Minutes should be signed as such.  



17(12)6 Matters arising from the Minutes:  All matters were included in the Agenda for this meeting  


17(12)7 Finance:

Parish Clerk – October/November salary 2017 –approved

Parish Clerk – Expenses Oct/Nov/Dec 2017 – approved

Mr D Knibbs – Litter pick and Leaf clearance – approved.


The Chairman advised the Council that the Christie Hall Management Committee had reimbursed the monies paid by the WPC.







17(12)8 Wansford Community Hall:  A quote for the necessary repairs had been received and was sufficient information to progress the Grant Application.


A further 2 quotes would be required before Public monies could be committed.


Parish Clerk


Parish Clerk

17(12)9 Ordnance Survey:  No-one has been successful in obtaining any maps from the Ordnance Survey site.  The Parish Clerk was to approach Ordnance Survey to resolve the matter.  

Parish Clerk

17(12)10 Highways

a)       20 mph speed restriction.  The official Order has been published and is now in the Public Consultation phase.

b)      Declassification (road signs) – The Old North Road within the Village and Bridge End has been declassified from an A road to the C340.

New signage will be needed on the A1 and A47 and those motorway sized signs in the Village can be removed and replaced with the more appropriate ‘finger’ signs.  This item would be included in the Agenda for January’s meeting to approve costs.

c)       Markings in the Centre of the Village – the cross roads markings had been refreshed, but more needs to be done.

The Yarwell Road entrance, the Zebra Crossing, the ‘give way’ lines at each end of the Bridge, the OLR/A47 and C340/A47 all require a refresh.  To be included in January’s Agenda.

d)      Road Surfaces – this issue was to be added to January’s Agenda to determine the best approach considering PCC’s finances.









Parish Clerk






Parish Clerk

Parish Clerk

17(12)11 A47 Dualling:  We await the publication of Highways England’s (HE) plan for the A47 and the A1/A47 interchanges at Wansford.  This is expected to be Dec 17.  
17(12)12 Peterborough Local Plan Update:  The Plan has progressed through the approvals process and is to be placed before the full PCC on 13th Dec 17.  There is no change to Wansford’s status as a ‘small village’.  
17(11)13 Peterborough Parish Conference:  As no one was able to attend Parish Clerk to request a copy of presentation.   

Parish Clerk

17(11)14 Quality Status: Include on the January Agenda as the Parish Clerk was indisposed and unable to attend the WPC meeting. Parish Clerk
17(12)15 Correspondence:  The Community Heartbeat team has been invited to attend one of the early WPC meetings next year to discuss the benefits and risks of having a defibrillator available.  

Parish Clerk

17(12)16 Matters for Consideration:

a)     Leylandii belonging to Wharf House are overhanging the Bridge Parapet and obstructing the Bridge.


b)     Approach HE to determine what plans there may be to improve safety on the A1 between Alwalton and Stamford.


c)     The Village sign adjacent to the Church is obstructed by a tree that is somewhat overgrown.  Ask PCC what can be done.


d)     It’s coming up to Budget time and the Wansford Precept is to be included on the January Agenda.




Parish Clerk


Parish Clerk



Parish Clerk



Parish Clerk


17(12)17 Reports from Councillors:

a)     Cllr Thorley reported on the recent Communicare meeting where Doctors Takar and Nally shared their plans for the new Surgery, Pharmacy and Care Home on the site of the old Middle School in King’s Cliffe.  The doctors are seeking the support from the local Parish Councils.


The Council was somewhat concerned that this facility could mean the demise of the Wansford facility and further was concerned that the new facilities might be for Private and not Public patients.


Much more information was required before WPC could give its support.  Parish Clerk to request more information.


b)     Cllr Pearson tendered the thanks of the Burial Ground Committee for the grant towards the repair of the cemetery wall.













Parish Clerk


17(12)18 Date of next meeting in the Community Hall:

Monday 8th January 2018

  Village Magazine Rota – reports for:

January – Cllr Thorley

February – Cllr Handley

March – Cllr Stannage

April – Cllr Garner

May – Cllr Clarke

June – Cllr Pearson

July – Cllr Johnson








The meeting closed at 21.35 hrs

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