Minutes 10th February 2020

10th February 2020

2 thoughts on “Minutes 10th February 2020”

  1. Hi

    Having read the parish council notes in Living Villages, I am most concerned that the flashing speed signs are going to be used for the 20mph area of the village.
    I think it is more appropriate to reduce the speed throughout the village, not just in a small area, are the other villagers not as important?
    More often than not cars are accelerating along the Old Leicester Road (Kings Cliffe end) into the village, most of the time doing at least 40 mph if not more then cutting the corner at 17. It is quite scary walking along there in the morning between 7.30am and 8.30am, as in the week cars come up from Kings Cliffe and others come down from the A47 and race through the village to get ahead of traffic on the A47. Sometimes I have counted 10 cars racing along.
    My view is that there should be no entry into Wansford at Kings Cliffe end, cars would be forced to go up to the A47 and join the traffic there. This would also resolve the issue of large lorries coming through the village.
    Something has to be done as there will be a serious accident one day, unfortunately the speeding occurs as Wansford itself has wide roads with no obstacles so drivers see it as a race track. Speed bumps/chicanes/one way traffic would work too.

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