Council Minutes November 2011

Here are the Minutes for November 2011 Wansford 14th November 2011



Clerk: Wendy Gray

25 Windsurf Bank, Tallington

Tel: 01778 341496






            Present:         Cllr R Clarke

                                    Cllr S Forward

                                    Cllr T Pearson – Chairman

                                    Cllr J Stannage – Vice Chairman

                                    Cllr G Stevens

                                    Cllr T Sortwell              


            In Attendance:              Wendy Gray – Parish Clerk, Cllr J Holdich, Mrs S Mamone, Mr  Brown,

                                    Mr M Handley and Mr G Garner



  1. 1.        Apologies for Absence:  None


  1. Declaration of Interest:  Cllr Stannage re Village Hall Committee


  1. Planning:                 
  • 11/01720/CTR T1 Norway Spruce – Fell, T2 – Purple plum provide buildings clearance by 1 m at 11 Old North Road, Wansford PE8 6LB – will be guided by Tree Officer’s decision.


  • 11/01729/CTR – Pollard Willow tree at 13 Old Leicester Road, Wansford PE8 6JR – will be guided by Tree Officer’s decision.


  • Ø      11/01711/MMFUL – Importation of inert material for recycling and infill to achieve a beneficial restoration to agricultural land at Thornhaugh Quarry, Leicester Road, Thornhaugh.  Parish Clerk to try to extend deadline and arrange meeting on site for 1/2 councillors before our response is sent. 


  • 11/01584/FUL – Gypsy Family Site – Land South of A47 and East of Great North Road, Wansford – a copy of our previous responses have been sent to PCC.  We now need to send a response with a definitive case.  Cllr Clarke will draft response to this latest application and forward to PCC.


  • Additional application to consider:  11/01683/FUL – proposed agricultural building and change of use of land for the stationing of a mobile home to supervise the agricultural business run from New Manor Farm, Yarwell – this application was brought to our attention by a resident who lives near to New Manor Farm.  Although this does not come under the Parish of Wansford there could be considerable impact in Wansford with heavy vehicles travelling through the village.  Response to be sent to East Northamptonshire Council that “this application has been brought to the attention of Wansford Parish Council and we write to say that we are opposed to this application due to the increase in vehicles it will create travelling through Wansford village.  Wansford already suffers from too many heavy vehicles passing through the village”.


3a. Wansford Community Hall:  Sue Mamone attended the meeting to discuss some issues

      regarding the Community Hall.


v      Business Rates – previously had always been granted 100% but this year this had been reduced to 80% and wondered if the Parish Council would consider assisting with the extra cost approx. £70.  Cllr Pearson proposed the Parish Council looked at helping with the additional cost.  All in favour.  Due to an interest Cllr Stannage abstained from voting.


v      Grant Application – in previous years this has always been completed and agreed very quickly.  This year due to change in legislation more forms have had to be completed  The forms were duly completed and sent off in April and as yet no funding has been received.  As the Community Hall have no public liability (this was cancelled last year) this could cost them the grant of £1200.  Sue explained that WPC had their own public liability but this was not acceptable.  John Stannage had spoken with insurers re public and employers liability.  They are looking at it now for the Village Hall and have advised will cost approximately £300 extra to cover.  The grant has now come to a sticking point, John Stannage has a meeting arranged with someone from PCC on Tuesday.  Could WPC transfer insurance to Community Hall and make contribution towards covering the cost of it.  Suggestion: It was established the Community Hall has £4000 in reserve – find out how much involved, pay out of funds they already have and if some time in the future need extra funds come back to WPC to cover/make donation.  All councillors in favour of this suggestion.


v      Talk-Talk – offered a sponsorship of £600.  What is required – plaque displayed in hall, click through to website, leaflets on display, article in monthly magazine.


  1. Minutes of meeting held on 12th September 2011Cllr Stannage proposed the minutes were a       

      true account of meeting, all in agreement.


  1. Matters arising from the Minutes:
  • Pier Head – Cllr Stannage attended meeting – could not refute the objections.  The roof line of the proposed development is no higher than the rest in Peterborough Road.
  • Litter Bin – items should have been sent out to – Parish Clerk to check with resident what if anything received.
  • Street Lights on the Bridge – becoming very white lighted.  Light on end of Haycock Hotel angled wrongly – WPC to write letter to Haycock asking if they could adjust.
  • Minerals and Waste – John Gough (Mick George) meeting – Parish Clerk to arrange (see above).
  • White Lines at Paws & Claws have now been done, trees have also been trimmed back.
  • Highways Officer – ask if can attend next WPC meeting.
  • Litter Warden – Cllr Stevens has someone in mind, will speak with him and update at next Parish Council meeting.
  • Parish Councillor Vacancy – invite candidate to next meeting.
  • Village Bridge Gate – letter received from Sibson-cum-Stibbington Parish Council to advise that Cambridgeshire County Council are now dealing with the application to have this path created a “public right of way”.  SCS Parish Council will keep us informed of progress.
  • CPALC – obtain password for Cllr Forward.
  • Wansford and Thornhaugh Parish Council Burial Ground Committee Meeting will be held on the 30th November.
  • Website – Cllr Forward and Parish Clerk will maintain the website.  Cllr Forward to arrange suitable date for training/handover.
  • Village Seat – application has been forwarded to Cllr Holdich and he has made a request for payment.
  • Village Sign/Map – Talk Talk were offering early in year – Parish Clerk to follow up.


  1. Finance:

a)      Invoices – Parish Clerk, Salary – £362.10

b)      Invoice – Parish Clerk, Expenses – £96.57

c)      Invoice – Moore Stephens, External Auditors – £176.40

d)      Invoice – CPALC re Councillor Training – £1050.00

All above invoices were agreed for payment.


  1. Parish Plan:

      Cllr Clarke reported that legislation is still not complete, getting there.  PCC has all the mechanics 

      necessary for Parish Plans to be written in the new format.  Once published if need to go forward

      can do at that stage.  Take heading off agenda until further notice.


  1. Special Projects:

      A church clock – add to Special Projects List


  1. Correspondence:

i.            PCC – Flood Warden Volunteersthis was advertised in Living Villages but no responses received.  Cllr Stannage offered to undertake this as he has previous relevant experience having been “snow warden” for Easton in the past.

ii.            Augean Newsletter – Copy provided for each councillor.

iii.            Village magazine – look at councillors alternating to produce report each month for magazine to give some variety.  Cllr Pearson will complete for the next edition.

iv.            Letter from HDC re Textile Recycling and Paper Banks addressed to Sibson-cum-Stibbington Parish Council forwarded to Cllr Sortwell to pass to Christie Hall – may be useful for them.


  1. Matters for Consideration:

             Talk Talk in recent ad were offering notice boards ideal for Nene Close Area.  Parish Clerk to  

             follow up.


             Bank signatories – new documentation to be obtained to set up further signatories to bank

             accounts.  Parish Clerk to sort.


  1. Reports from Councillors:

i.            Cllr Sortwell reported that British Legion have not come back re rent increase, still in abeyance.  Christie Hall Management Committee has no meeting planned as have nothing to discuss.


ii.            Cllr Clarke attended Parish Liaison Committee Meeting – two specific issues which Cllr Holdich raised do the Parish Council own any trees, if so need to get trees inspected by competent person/company.  This raised the issue of who owns the trees on the green, who owns the land.  Parish Clerk to write to PCC to see if they have any documentation of ownership.


iii.            No one attended Rural North Neighbourhood meeting from Wansford Parish Council.


12. Dates of next meetings in the Community Hall:

      Monday 12th December 2011     Monday 9th January 2011


The meeting closed at 9.45 p.m.


Cllr Forward offered his apologies in advance but he will not be able to make 12th December meeting.


Actioned by   Parish Clerk


Parish Clerk


Parish Clerk





Cllr Clarke






Parish Clerk








































Parish Clerk

Parish Clerk

Parish Clerk



Parish Clerk

Cllr Stevens






Cllr Forward

Parish Clerk

























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