Council Minutes January 2012

Here are the Minutes of Meeting for January 2012    Wansford 9th January 2012              



Clerk: Wendy Gray

25 Windsurf Bank, Tallington

Tel: 01778 341496






            Present:                        Cllr R Clarke

                                    Cllr S Forward

                                    Cllr T Pearson – Chairman

                                    Cllr J Stannage – Vice Chairman



            In Attendance:              Wendy Gray Parish Clerk, Mrs J Burrows



  1. Apologies for Absence:  

Cllrs Sortwell, Stevens and Cllr J Holdich. 


  1. Declaration of Interest:  None


  1. Planning:                
  • 11/01993/WCMM – Variation of condition C1 of planning permission 10/01659/WCMM to allow continued siting and operation of temporary gas flare until 31/12/2016 at Augean Thornhaugh Landfill Site, Leicester Road, Thornhaugh – no objections were raised.


  1. Minutes of meeting held on 12th December 2011These were approved and signed. 


  1. Matters arising from the Minutes:


  • Parish Clerk


    Parish Clerk













    Parish Clerk


    Parish Clerk



    Parish Clerk







    Council web site – Cllr Forward and Parish Clerk will receive training in the first instance.  Date to be agreed (30th January).


  • Highways Officer – Parish Clerk had written to highways listing items raised but response received from PCC asked for further clarification/information so that the appropriate and right person(s) from highways be invited to discuss our requests.  Agenda item for next meeting to prepare document.


  • Vacancy – co-option to take place at next meeting.  Agenda item for February.


  • Cllr Clarke attended Rural Neighbourhood North meeting (see below).


  • Seat to be ordered and delivery to be made to Cllr Clarke’s address.


  • Banking forms to add further signatories received – Cllr Stannage will start to complete his details.


  1. Precept 2012/2013: It was agreed that the precept should remain the same as last year.  Proposed Cllr Clarke all in agreement.  Parish Clerk to complete forms and return by due date.


  1. Finance:

       Invoice Parish Clerk – Salary – 2 months £218.62

       Invoice Parish Clerk – Expenses – £91.90

       Invoice Parish Clerk – Tax payment – £88.82


  1. Special Projects: Boat Launch Facility (under the A1 Bridge) road goes down to sewerage pumping station.  May need to request 2 trees be lopped down, need to have discussions with Environment Agency.  Grants may be available.  Request to be made in writing by Parish Clerk – Cllr Clarke to draw up proposed plan for consideration and forward to clerk.


  1. Diamond Jubilee 2nd – 5th June 2012: A committee has been set up to organise an event for Sunday 3rd June.  A member of the Parish Council has been approached to seek the councils view on 1 or 2 issues the committee would like the Parish Council to help with.


  • Funding for publicity
  • Could they make use of Parish Council’s third party insurance
  • Drinks licence – to cover licence application fee


The Parish Council needs to ascertain how much funding looking for publishing, what is licence for and what amounts etc.  Cllr Clarke with clarify details with the committee and report back to the Parish Council.  It was agreed at the meeting that the Parish Council would offer £150 towards the licence application.  Cllr Stannage will speak with VHC at their next meeting with regard to making use of their third party insurance.


  1. Correspondence:

e-mail from Cllr Holdich re replacing damages street signs.  Cllr Pearson had walked round village and produced a list to be forwarded to Cllr Holdich for consideration.


Augean Newsletter had been circulated.


Cllr Sortwell had sent in report from the last Communicare meeting on matters arising.


John Wilcockson, Tree Officer had replied to our request and asked that we schedule some dates for the Spring to look at various trees within the village that may need attention.


  1. Matters for Consideration:  Living Villages report – Cllr Clarke will prepare report for Living Villages for February and Cllr Stannage will prepare report for March.


  1. Reports from Councillors:  Cllr Clarke attended Rural Neighbourhood Meeting.  No projects planned for Wansford, reducing size of capital budget with one exception there may be money available for cycle way through Wansford, too late for this year may know until earliest April 2013.


13. Dates of next meetings in the Community Hall:

         Monday 13th February 2012   Monday 12th March 2012


Cllr Forward apologised will not be able to attend February or March meetings.

Cllr Pearson apologised in advance that will not be able to attend May meeting.


The meeting closed at 9 p.m.



Actioned by: 





Parish Clerk










Parish Clerk



Parish Clerk



Parish Clerk




Parish Clerk







Cllr Clarke

/Parish Clerk











Cllr Clarke


Cllr Stannage




Parish Clerk






Parish Clerk