Council Minutes August 2011

Here are the minutes for August 2011 Minutes 2011 -08-08




Present:                       Cllr S Forward – arrived late

Cllr R Clarke

Cllr J Stannage – Vice Chairman

In Attendance:             Mrs W Gray, Parish Clerk, Cllr J Holdich, R Hill, R Bullivant, P Tate, A Jones and

M Handley

Cllr Stannage chaired welcomed residents to the meeting.  As only two members of the council were present at the start of the meeting (no quorum) items up to item 5 were discussed in detail and no decisions undertaken at this point.  Cllr Forward arrived at approximately 8.10 p.m. and after further discussion will all councillors present, decisions were made.

  1. Apologies for Absence: Cllr T Sortwell, Cllr G Stevens, Cllr T Pearson, Cllr D Lamb


  1. Declaration of Interest:  None


  1. Planning:


  • 11/01122/TRE – Consultation on Preserved Trees Application – Fell 4 Larch trees TPO 1979_09 as too close to the house and too large at 10 Black Swan Spinney, Wansford PE8 6LE – no objections raised.
  • 11/01008/FUL – Consultation on Planning Application (Full) – Single storey extension and part demolition of wall to create access at St Marys Church, Bridge End, Wansford – Mr Tate and Mr Jones were in attendance and talked through proposed plans with Councillors and other members of the public in attendance – no objections were raised.
  1. Minutes of meeting held on 11th July 2011:  A true account of meeting, all in agreement.


  1. Matters arising from the Minutes:
  • Litter Bin – awaiting for response from PCC
  • Quotations for removal of ivy still to be obtained.
  • Street Lights on Bridge, awaiting response.  Speak with Craig Campbell or Paul Green of PCC.
  • Vacancy for Councillor still to be advertised.


  1. Finance: The following invoice was approved for payment:Invoice Wendy Gray, Parish Clerk (Salary) £109.31.


  1. Parish Plan: Cllr Clarke awaiting guidance on legislation, not published yet.  Will write to Simon Machin on producing plan.  Agenda item for next meeting.


  1. Special Projects:
  • Roundabout – follow through down Old North Road area
  • Gateway to the Village
  • Seat behind footpath on north side of Old Leicester Road beyond speed limit signs – get a costing for bench


  1. Correspondence: Peterborough Design and Development in Selected Villages, Supplementary Planning Document – Adopted 13th June 2011 – copy given to Councillors.


  1. Play Area: The history so far – the Parish Council have received a lot of interest regarding the possible setting up of a play area for young children in the village.  Originally the area near Nene Close was identified but there was a lot of opposition against this.  The Parish Council have been looking at other areas and following the last Parish Council Meeting had a look at the Village Green area to see if this was a possibility.  Some trees on this area need looking at and the area would also have to be fenced in.  Cllr Clarke will produce a sketch to be published in next edition of Living Villages.


  1. Church Wall Refurbishment: Tarmac needs to be made good again in two areas in Bridge End, policy to make good within 12 months of completion of job. David Adams in charge re pathway – Cllr Clarke will draft letter with our concerns).


  1. Matters for Consideration:
  • It was established that there are a number of trees in the village that need attention and it was agreed that we request the Tree Officer to attend our next meeting if possible to discuss/set up a plan of dealing with said trees.


  • Concern was expressed again by residents of cars being parked and left in Black Swan Spinney – could we follow this up again with the PCSO.


  • Footpath alongside wood up to end of Old Sulehay – advise East Northants DC.  Copy in Yarwell PC and Wildlife Trust expressing our concerns.


  • Verge south side of Old Leciester Road overgrown, road signs behind obscured – advise PCC Tree Warden.


  • Fencing on Footpath under Bridge sign posted on it – no boats to be moored.  Letter to be sent to Stibbington Parish Council supporting them in taking this further.
  1. Reports from Councillors: Wansford Community Hall, John Stannage has now been elected as Chairman and is looking at making an application for funding, to support this a Health & Safety Statement, Correct Insurance Cover in place etc – will report back to the Parish Council at next meeting.


Additional Agenda items for next meeting –

  • Applications for Grants from the North Rural
  • Bank Accounts (movement of monies)
  • Village Hall Committee
  • Minerals and Waste
  • Sulehay Woods, dead trees above footpath
  • Lights on Bridge Nos 6 and 7


Cllr Holdich is unable to attend our next meeting in September


The meeting closed at 9.15 p.m.


  1. Dates of next meetings in the Community Hall:

      Monday 12th September 2011   Monday 10th October 2011



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