Annual Parish Meeting 9th May 2016


Clerk: Wendy Gray

25 Windsurf Bank, Tallington

Tel: 01778 341496




Present:        Cllr R Clarke

Cllr G Garner

Cllr M Handley

Cllr D Johnson

Cllr T Pearson


In Attendance:       Wendy Gray Parish Clerk, City Cllr D Lamb


1.    Apologies for Absence:  Cllrs Stannage and Thorley


2.    Declaration of Interest:  None


3.    Minutes of Annual Parish Meeting 11th May 2015:  the minutes were approved and signed, all in favour


4.    Matters Arising: there were no matters arising


5.    Chairman’s Report: Cllr Pearson gave his report :


John Stannage had to stand down as Chairman last May since no Wansford Parish Council chairperson can remain in office for more than 3 years. I was elected Chairman for the third time but John has continued to work tirelessly for the Parish and through him we achieved our most outstanding success of the past year, the installation and opening of the Children’s Play Area in Nene Close. As always he and I received excellent support from our fine Parish Clerk and a council of competent and dynamic Councillors, none of whom left us this year and with the return of David Johnson we were augmented to our full complement.

We have met every month of the last year, with an additional Special Meeting in January to consider our response to the Peterborough Local Plan Consultation. We accepted the general concept of the draft consultation and agreed that any expansion of development in accordance with the PCC proposals could be incorporated by infill development. We would seek to obtain protection for the green areas in Nene Close and in the centre of the village north of the church and submitted no proposals to change the village boundaries.

Our main planning application concern has been for the Little Chef site with

a)   the construction of nine two storey dwellings with single storey garages with a later addition for the construction of five flats. We had no objection to the site proposals apart from concerns over density of the parking which could lead to overspill.

b) the erection of a new Ducati motorbike dealership and workshop. This was deemed unsuitable for the village and rejected by us principally on the grounds of noise potential. I presented our case to the full Planning Committee but the Councillors seemed to think that this development would be good for the village !

Other new arrivals in the village in have been a red dog poop bin, Neighbourhood Watch Cold Calling Signs, a regular Litter Warden and Councillors with Speed guns, although it was suggested that we shouldn’t be using these to avoid confrontations with drivers. Imminent new arrivals should be the Village Notice Board/Map and solar powered lights for the approach to the Community Hall.

In November we met with Peter Tebbs, from Peterborough Highways, and walked round the Village on the 27th November to discuss our concerns over Highways issues. We drew his attention to poor drainage and blocked drains on the Yarwell Road, the poor condition of roads and paths and the deterioration of road signs as well as worn and inadequate road markings – in particular the central Old North Road/Peterborough Road crossroads and the Old Leicester Road/King’s Cliffe Road junction at the Old Pump House corner.

Issues still to be addressed are:

·       The Lease of the Christie Hall. It is hoped that an affordable new Lease for 10 years can be achieved.

·       Opening of the Toilet Block in picnic area (from over one year ago!)

·       Action for the Community Hall access using the WI Centenary Donation, Celebrating 100 Years.

·       Unacceptable traffic associated with off-road motor activity in East Northants despite the rejection of change of use to that of an outdoor activity park and with new activity courses and tracks, embankments, fencing, entrance gate, etc.

·       Repair of the Belisha Beacon.

·       Re-erection of the Sign at the A47/Old Leicester Road junction.

Over the past year we have taken our responsibilities seriously without being rigorously stuffy. We have welcomed contributions from everyone and those attending our meetings have had their concerns promoted to the front of the agenda so that they could leave as soon as their matters had been discussed. Even for the Parish Councillors no meeting went on beyond 9:30pm. I have enjoyed my year as Chairman and hope that everybody else has. Thank you all for your support.


6.    Financial Report: 

a)    To approve the Annual Governance Statement (Section 1) by resolution – It was proposed by Cllr Johnson and seconded by Cllr Garner that the accounts be approved.  It was resolved that Cllr Pearson and Clerk, Mrs W Gray signed the declaration.  All agreed.


b)    Consider Accounting Statements by members as a whole – all accounting statements considered.


c)    Approve the Statement of Accounts (Section 2) of the Annual Return for the year ended 31.03.16.  It was proposed by Cllr Handley and seconded by Cllr Clarke that the statement be approved.  It was resolved that Cllr Pearson and Clerk, Mrs W Gray signed the declaration.  All agreed.


d)    On approval Accounting Statement to be signed and dated.  All forms duly signed by Cllr Pearson and W Gray, Parish Clerk and RFO.



The meeting closed at 7.50 p.m.


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Cllr Pearson
























































Cllr Pearson/

Parish Clerk