Agenda 12th November 2012


Clerk: Wendy Gray

Temporary address: 25 Windsurf Bank, Tallington, Nr Stamford PE9 4RJ

Tel: 01778 341496


You are summoned to a meeting of the Parish Council to be held in the Community Hall on Monday 12th November 2012 at 7.30 p.m.


The public and media are cordially invited to attend and their participation is invited during each item




  1. 1.    Apologies for Absence
  2. 2.    Declaration of Interest

(Councillors are reminded of their obligation under the Codes of Conduct to declare personal and prejudicial interests)

  1. 3.    Planning
  • Stonehill Quarry – Report from Mr N Harding, Group Manager, Development Management, Planning, Peterborough City Council
  • Ø 12/01658/FUL – Construction of new access drive to Plot 1 at 21 Old Leicester Road, Wansford, Peterborough PE8 6JR
  • Ø 12/01544/WCPP – Consultation without compliance (planning permission) Variation of condition C1 of planning permission 03/01171/RMP – application for the determination of updated planning conditions at Cooks Hole, Leicester Road, Thornhaugh, Peterborough
  • Ø 12/01545/WCPP – Consultation without compliance (planning permission) Variation of condition C2 of planning permission 10/01441/MMFUL – extension of quarry area for the winning and working of minerals (limestone, sand and ironstone) Cooks Hole, Leicester Road, Thornhaugh, Peterborough
  • Ø 12/00030/REFPP – Appeal on refusal of permission for Importation of inert material for recycling and infill to achieve a beneficial restoration to agricultural land, Thornhaugh 2 Quarry, Peterborough


  1. 4.    Minutes of the meeting held on 8th October 2012

To approve and sign the minutes


  1. 5.    Matters arising from the Minutes


  1. 6.    Finance

Invoice – Parish Clerk salary

Invoice – Parish Clerk expenses


  1. 7.    Leasing of Land – Nene Close


  1. 8.    Toddlers Play Area


  1. 9.    Village Notice Board/Map


10. Peterborough CIL Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule Consultation


11. Correspondence


12. Matters for Consideration


13. Reports from Councillors


14. Dates of next meetings in the Community Hall

Monday 10th December 2012  Monday 14th January 2013

(Meetings are now held on the second Monday in the month.  When necessary, special meetings are called on an ad hoc basis)