12th February 2018

Clerk: Wendy Gray
13 Dovecote, Rippingale, Bourne PE10 0SY
Tel: 01778 441312


Present: Cllr J Stannage – Chairman
Cllr R Clarke
Cllr G Garner
Cllr M Handley
Cllr T Pearson
Cllr V Thorley
Cllr D Johnson

In Attendance: Wendy Gray Parish Clerk, 1 member of the public, 2 Representatives from Friends of River Nene.

Item N° Cllr Stannage welcomed everyone to the meeting. Action:
18(2)1 Apologies for Absence: Cllr D Lamb
18(2)2 Declarations of Interest: None.
18(2) 3 Friends of the River Nene:
Brian Buckle and Ray Brackpool from “Friends of the River Nene” explained who the Friends of the River Nene are and that are looking around the area for mooring sites on the River Nene around the Wansford Area. They normally look for areas of land (owned by farmers). They organize everything that is required and hold public liability insurance. The Parish Council came up with a few suggestions for them to investigate.
Resident expressed concern about noise from the A1 (what has happened to sound barrier that was supposed to be erected some years ago? A neighbour has had a noise survey done at own cost – report showed noise way over limit.

Potholes also cause noise problems – Parish Clerk to raise with HE i.e. ME or her superior to see when works are to be done.

Resident asked if he could arrange for a copy of survey to be forwarded to Parish Council for information.
18(2)4 Picnic Site:
No further progress to date, no new information received from the Police. Residents to continue reporting any incidents by using 101. Parish Clerk to continue requesting information from HE and PCC.
18(2)5 Planning: 1 Planning Application was considered:
17/02360/CTR – Unknown Tree – fell at 3 Old North Road, Wansford, Peterborough – no objections will be guided by TO recommendations.

Parish Clerk
18(2)6 Minutes of the meeting held on 9th January 2018:
All in agreement for above minutes to be signed.
18(2)7 Matters arising from the Minutes: None.
18(2)8 Finance:
Wendy Gray, Parish Clerk – Salary January 2018 – £233.33
Zurich Insurance Renewal – £579.46
Community Hall Honorarium – £350.00
All in agreement for above payments to be made.

Further invoice for Christie Hall – all in agreement to carry over to March meeting.

Community Heartbeat – Defibrillator – Cllr Stannage proposed, all in agreement to accept Option 2 (full support system).
18(2)9 Wansford Community Hall:
Application for grant submitted – confirmation received at Grantscape who will be in contact in March once various groups have met and decisions have been made.
18(2)10 Ordnance Survey:
All links appear now to be working. Take off agenda.
18(2)11 Highways:
Following meeting with Peter Tebb established –
a) 20 mph speed restriction – 3 objections received in total, letter drafted to go back to residents answering any questions, final decision lies with Head of Service.
b) Declassification (road signs) – weight limit signs required, are in favour of taking all bridge warning signs down in the village apart from one and put at top of Bridge End a set of 3 ton weight limit signs. Not top of priority, Cllr Clarke continues to be in contact with Peter Tebb.
c) Markings in the Centre of the Village – will be done sometime after April.
d) Road Surfaces – not bad enough yet to get on PCC works list.
18(2)12 A47 Dualling:
Cllr Clarke brought all Cllrs up to date – suggest meeting sometime during w/c 26th February (Extraordinary Meeting) to iron out all points we need to raise ready for submission in main document by due date.
18(2)13 Peterborough Local Plan Update:
Minerals and Waste Plan is being done in conjunction with PCC and NCC.
18(2)14 Peterborough Parish Conference:
Information, slides etc forwarded to all Cllrs.
18(2)15 Quality Status:
Website is in process of being updated – once near completion Parish Clerk with liaise with CAPALC for comparisons of what we have on website and what is required.
18(2)16 Correspondence:
Letter from Acre re Rural Affordable Housing – Agenda item for next meeting.
Matters for Consideration:
Electric car charging points in the village? Review 19th March meeting!

Light out by the Church on the corner – Cllr Thorley will report.

LED replacement programme – Cllr Clarke responded to letter advising 1 light on the corner of the Old Post Office etc.

New rules and regulations i.e. .gov.uk address for parishes – being sorted by PCC IT department.
18(2)18 Reports from Councillors:
Cllr Stannage met with Dr Nally re KC Development and will circulate email to all Cllrs – content below:
As we discussed we envisage that the KC Development will be a mixed economy of assisted living units – at present we are doing the modelling on 77units – a mixture of 1 and 2 bedroom apartments. All technology enabled to allow remote monitoring of patients with increasing frailty and health needs. There will be a mix of Privately owned, privately rented, shared ownership and affordable rental units.
We have already commissioned a report to identify the Social Housing needs for Northants CC and they will require to provide in excess of 400 homes over the next couple of years.
There will of course also be a new surgery , pharmacy, community space, low cost restaurant etc
The Proposal at Wansford is for a step down unit which takes people out of people at an earlier point and rehabs them. It will also be involve in optimising patients management pre-operatively in order to deliver the best possible outcomes from surgery.
We are also proposing expansion to Wansford Surgery itself with extra consulting rooms to serve an expanding population and bring more services into the Surgery.
So in summary the projects we anticipate will deliver a significant extension to current services both at the Wansford and Kings Cliffe sites. Their impact will however extend beyond the Practice Area and offer facilities for residents to Peterborough, Stamford, Oundle and Corby.
There will be a mixture of varied ownerships to make the development accessible to the widest population.

Monies still available under Transparency Fund – look at possibility of separate Scanner.

Councillors expressed their thanks to Cllr Clarke for all work done on A47 etc.
18(2)19 Date of next meeting in the Community Hall:
Monday 12th March 2018
Village Magazine Rota – reports for:
March – Cllr Handley
April – Cllr Stannage
May – Cllr Garner
June – Cllr Clarke
July – Cllr Pearson
August – Cllr Johnson
September – Cllr Thorley

The meeting closed at 9.55 p.m.

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