Wansford Village

The Parish Council of Wansford deals with Wansford village north of the river Nene.

The village lies in the Unitary Authority of Peterborough City Council.


The History of Wansford

The Story of Wansford. David Stuart-Mogg.

The History of Wansford, David Stuart-Mogg,  front cover

The History of Wansford, David Stuart-Mogg, front cover

59pp. with over 60 photos & illustrations. Price £4.95.

Available from

  • Direct from the author by post at 10 Robins Field, Wansford, Peterborough PE8 6JW at £5.70 (incl: p & p).   Email: David Stuart-Mogg
  • Also available as a pdf download here  The Story of Wansford


  • From book review by Brian Martin, Rutland & Stamford Mercury, 25/05/07.

The Story of Wansford by David Stuart-Mogg is handsomely printed on quality chromo paper by Peter Spiegl of Stamford… Mr. Stuart-Mogg is a faithful narrator of the many quirks of village history…Impeccably written and lovingly researched, The Story of Wansford reeks of community involvement. Net proceeds from its sales are being donated to St Mary’s church.

  • The Rev. Canon Thomas Christie, Living Villages, April 2007.

…let me commend ‘The Story of Wansford’ by David Stuart-Mogg. Originally published for the Millennium, with contributions from villagers and neighbouring communities, it has now been extensively updated and considerably enlarged with much new information and an abundance of vintage photographs.

2 comments to The History of Wansford

  • Melanie Sneath

    Hello David
    Do you have any history on Chapel court please?
    Kind Regards
    Melanie Sneath

  • jon abbott

    Hello, Im trying to research a police office who was stationed at Wansford around the period of 1910-1919, Fredrick osullivan. He retired from the force approx. 1919. I wonder if anyone who knows or who researches your village history would have any information of this man.Before coming to your village he was stationed in the village of Ringstead,nr thrapston. He had two children, is their any Sullivans in the village still ?

    Any info id be gratefully appreciate as ive built a profile of him on his early days from Ireland to kettering to Naseby to Ringstead but I’m looking for any info on him serving in your village or indeed any photos.

    Thanks jon

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