Wansford Village

The Parish Council of Wansford deals with Wansford village north of the river Nene.

The village lies in the Unitary Authority of Peterborough City Council.


Sky broadband now available in village from Sept 2011

At last, Sky, one of the internet service providers (ISPs), has installed faster equipment in the Wansford exchange.  They say this means we should be able to get broadband speeds at least  twice that we are getting from BT.  I spoke with BT last week and they say they have no plans at present to upgrade  the exchange to BT infinity.

The catch is that you have to move to Sky line rental and therefore sky for phone calls.

Talk Talk is now also available with similar speeds up to 20Mb.

If you have transferred to Sky, let us know your experience of both the service  and the ease of moving across.  Post your comments below….

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