Wansford Village

The Parish Council of Wansford deals with Wansford village north of the river Nene.

The village lies in the Unitary Authority of Peterborough City Council.


Planning Applications Jan 07 to June 2009

Applications from 11-01-07 to 01-06-09

Discussed at meeting of: Ref. No. Address Issue WPC Decision Outcome
11/01/2007 06/01909/FUL 35 Old North Road Extension Objection**
19/02/2007 06/02012/FUL Church Cottage Extension No objection*
21/03/2007 06/01909/FUL 35 Old North Road Extension (Objection**) Permission Refused
18/04/2007 EN/07/00485/FUL Wansford Road, Yarwell Erection of cattle Shed Objection
30/04/2007 07/00542/FUL 2 The Old Nursery Erection of fence No objection*
30/04/2007 07/00565/FUL Land adj. 21 Nene Close Erection of detached dwelling No objection*
29/05/2007 07/00552/FUL 5 Thackers Close Extension No objection*
29/05/2007 07/00531/FUL 2 The Old Nursery Rear Conservatory No objection*
25/06/2007 07/00743/FUL 2 Yarwell Road Erection of detached dwelling Objection** Submission withdrawnPermission Refused
16/07/2007 07/00935/FUL 33 Old North Road Extension No objection
06/08/2007 07/01211/CTR 6 Riverside Spinney Tree Surgery No objection
06/08/2007 EN/06/025506 Kings Cliffe Ind. Estate Removal of 6 month time limit No objection
03/09/2007 07/01162/FUL 23 Old North Road Replacement of Garage Objection**
03/09/2007 07/01224/FUL 55 Old North Road First Floor Extension No objection
03/09/2007 07/01335/FUL 14 Robins Field Extension No objection
01/10/2007 07/1331/OUT 27 Old North Road Erection of detached dwelling No objection*
01/10/2007 07/01444/FUL Rivermead, Bridge End Re-siting of stables No objection
01/10/2007 07/01519/TRE 37 Old North Road Tree Surgery Objection*
05/11/2007 Roadside Café Anglia Water Site on A47
03/12/2007 07/01639/FUL 4 The Old Nursery
03/12/2007 07/00039/FUL Kings Cliffe Ind Estate Restrospective
03/12/2007 07/01731/FUL Cedar House Applic withdrawn
03/12/2007 07/01860/GR 4 Old Leciester Road Fell 6 Lawsonia
03/12/2007 07/01815 Rivrmead Pollard Weeping Willow
04/02/2008 07/01932/FUL 2 Yarwell Road Extension Objection**
04/02/2008 08/00097/TRE 23 Old North Road Fell Tree of Heaven Referred
03/03/2008 08/00191/FUL 35 Old North Road Extension Objection**
03/03/2008 07/01162/FUL 23 Old North Road Extension Objection Appeal Successful
07/04/2008 08/00191/FUL 35 Old North Road
07/04/2008 07/01162/FUL 23 Old North Road Appeal Successful
29/04/2008 08/00277/FUL Cedar House Extension Applic Withdrawn
29/04 – 22/05/2008 08/00386/FUL White House Extension Side and Rear No Objection Granted
02/06/2008 08/00400/FUL 5 The Old Nursery Single Storey Front Extension Granted
02/06 – 04/08/2008 08/00639/FUL 10 Black Swan Spinney Replace Conservatory and rear dormer Granted
19/06 – 07/07/2008 08/00691/TRE 14 Black Swan Spinney 1 Maple Tree, 1 Beech and fell 1 Larch Tree No Objection* Granted
19/06/2008 08/00701/FUL 28 Old Leicester Road Extension No Objection* Granted
07/07/2008 08/00122/FUL 3 Yarwell Road Granted
07/07/2008 08/00716/FUL Little Chef Extension to Foyer Granted
07/07/2008 08/00733/FUL 11 Robins Wood Extension First Floor
04/08/2008 08/00856/FUL Westbrooke House Full Porch Retrospective Objection* Granted
07/10/208 08/01101/FUL 10 Black Swan Spinney Extension existing rear dormer Objection** Granted
08/01344/TRE 8 Black Swan Spinney Raise Crown to 5m of Beech Tree
08/01539/CTR 4 Riverside Spinney Fell and remove various trees No Objection Granted
11/05/2009 09/00301/FUL 5 Swanhill Detached Garage No Objection
11/05/2009 09/00455/CTR 7 Old North Road Removal of 3 conifers No Objection
01/06/2009 09/00138/FUL Land East of Great North Road and South of A47 Wansford Two static caravans, one mobile caravan parking space, two utility cabins etc
01/06/2009 08/01632/OUT Land adjacent to 19 Old Leicester Road Erection of two 5 bedroom dwellings
01/06/2009 08/01633/FUL Land adjacent to 19 Old Leicester Road, Wansford Resiting of gas storage compound

*   but comments forwarded to PCC

** with requirement that if PCC Planning Department approve, the application is referred to the full Planning Committee

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