Wansford Village

The Parish Council of Wansford deals with Wansford village north of the river Nene.

The village lies in the Unitary Authority of Peterborough City Council.


Planning Applications and results – July 2012

 Results sheet

 Planning Applications


*   but comments forwarded to PCC       

** with requirement that if PCC Planning Department approve, the application is referred to the full Planning Committee


Discussed at meeting of:

Ref. No.



WPC Decision


9/7/2012 12/01009/CTR 13 Robins FieldWansford PE8 6JW T1 – Pine Tree – dead to be removedT2 & T3 – Poplar – reduce by approx 50% to old prune points

T4 & T5 – Silver Birch – reduce by 26% and deadwood

T6 and T7 – Small Conifers – remove to ground

No objections  
11/6/2012 12/00689/FUL   New Gate Objection  
14/5/2012 12/00597/HHFUL Old Pump HouseOld Leicester Road


Raise roof level by 1.3mm  to incorporate new dormers to front and rear elevations, No objections  
14/5/2012 12/00684/HEDG Hedgerow to the north of Old Leicester RoadWansford Removal of 5m section of hedgerow to create gateway   PCC confirmed sent in error/new applic to be sent out at some stage
23/4/2012 12/00529/HHFUL 49 Old North RoadWansford Construction of single storey porch and single storey extension No objection  
23/4/2012 12/00505/FUL Land adjacent to 2 Yarwell Road, Wansford Construction of four bed dwelling No objection (with a proviso) re contractor parking  
16/4/2012 12/00467/HHFUL 18 Old Leicester RoadWansford Single Storey rear extension and internal works   Granted
9/1/2012 11/01993/WCMM Augean, Thornhaugh Landfill Site

Leicester Road


Variation of condition of planning permission 10/01659/WCMM to allow continued siting and operation of temporary gas flare until 30/12/2016    
14/11/2011 11/01584/FUL Land South of A47 and East of Great North RoadWansford Gypsy Family Site Objections raised Planning permission refused
14/11/2011 11/01711/MMFUL Thornhaugh QuarryLeicester Road Thornhaugh Importation of inert material for recycling and infill to achieve a beneficial restoration to agricultural land No objections  
14/11/2011 11/01729/CTR 13 Old Leicester RoadWansford PE8 6JR Pollard willow tree No objections subject to TO recommendations  
14/11/2011 11/01720/CTR 11 Old North RoadWansford T1 Norway Spruce – Fell, T2 – Purple plum provide buildings clearance by 1 m N Objections subject to TO recomendations Permission granted
10/10/2011 11/01504/NONMAT 11 Swanhill, Wansford Installation of additional window at first floor front elevation No objections  
10/10/2011 11/01532/TRE 2 Black Swan SpinneyWansford Fell 5 Larch trees, lateral prune to main trunk of 2 lowest limbs on one Sycamore tree    
10/10/2011 11/01462/TRE 1 Black Swan SpinneyWansford Fell 26 dead/dying Larch TPO 9_79    
12/9/2011 11/01345/FUL Pier Head, Peterborough Road, Wansford Demolition of existing dwelling and the construction of 6 x 2 bed flats each with own garage and parking space Objection re roofline  
8/8/2011 11/01122/TRE 10 Black Swan SpinneyWansford, PE8 6LE Fell 4 Larch trees of TPO 1979_09 as too close to the house and too large   Application refused
8/8/2011 11/01008/FUL St Mary’s ChurchBridge End, Wansford Single storey extension and part demolition of all to create access No objection Permission granted
11/7/2011 11/00946/FUL Land at 2 Yarwell Road,             Wansford, PE8 6JP Construction of 3 bed dwelling – revised   Application withdrawn
11/7/2011 11/00976/CTR Bank House 3 Riverside Spinney


Re pollard two small Willow trees No objection  
11/7/2011 11/00977/CTR   Anchor Cottage, 5 Riverside Spinney


Pollard T3 Willow tree, fell T1 and T2 Sycamore trees No objection  
11/7/2011 11/00979/CTR Lion Cottage4 Riverside Spinney


Fell T6 Prunus Subhirtella Autunalis Rosea from upper lawn because of excessive shading and Fell T19 Populus Candicanus Aura No objection Permission granted
20/6/2011 11/00883/CTR 2 Yarwell RoadWansford Prune back to the boundary 1 x Cherry Plum (Prunus cerasifera) Objections raised  
20/6/2011 11/00683/FUL Land South of A47 and East of Great North RoadWansford One extended gypsy family comprising access, parking, two living caravans and one family room caravan and two communal facility blocks Objections raised  
13/6/2011 11/00580/FUL 17 Old Leicester RoadWansford Two storey rear extension, installation of new front porch and new window to first floor side elevation No Objections  
13/6/2011 11/00772/FUL 11 SwanhillWansford Two storey side extension No Objections  
13/6/2011 11/00822/CTR 1 The Stables
Old Leicester Road
Crown raise 4 Chestnut trees to 3m and remove epicormics No Objections  
13/6/2011 11/00824/FUL Land to the West of 19 Old Leicester Road


Construction of 2 x 5 bedroom detached houses – revised scheme No Objections  
11/4/2011 11/00260/FUL Pier HeadPeterborough Road


Demolition of existing dwelling and construction of 6 x 2 bed flats and 6 x garages and parking space Objections raised  
18/3/2011 11/00319/CTR Bank House3 Riverside Spinney


Reduce/remove various trees in Top Garden and in the Spinney Guided by Tree Officer’s recommendations  
14/3/2011 11/00231/CTR The MooringsPeterborough Road


Reduce western side of T1 willow tree by 25 per cent No objections  
14/3/2011 11/00170/REM 19 Old Leicester RoadWansford Construction of two 5 bed houses at Land to the west of 19 Old Leicester Road No objections  
14/3/2011 11/00199/FUL Spring House3 Yarwell Road


Construction of 2 x first floor extensions east and west of existing first floor bedroom No objection  
14/3/2011 03/01171/RMP Cooks Hole Quarry Review of Mineral Planning Permission *  
14/3/2011 10/01440/MMFUL Cooks Hole Quarry Installation of weighbridge, site offices, mess room, fuel store, equip store, processing plant, sub-station and other ancillary facilities *  
14/3/2011 10/01441/MMFUL Cooks Hole Quarry Extension of quarry area for the winning and working of minerals (limestone, sand and ironstone) *  
14/3/2011 10/01442/MMFUL Cooks Hole Quarry Construction of alternative means of access *  
14/3/2011 11/00235/FUL 2 Yarwell RoadWansford Construction of four bed detached dwelling at land at rear of 2 Yarwell Road *  
14/3/2011 11/00271/TRE 11 Black Swan SpinneyWansford Fell T1 and T2 Larch trees of TPO 09_1979 No objections  
14/2/2011 10/00947/FUL 2 Yarwell RoadWansford Construction of 4 bed detached dwelling   Application withdrawn
14/2/2011 11/00154/CTR 3 Old North RoadWansford Reduce height of trees Applic agreed  
10/1/2011 10/01616/REM 19 Old Leicester RoadWansford Construction of two 5 bed dwellings on adjacent land    
10/1/2011 10/01658/CTR 2 Bridge EndWansford Fell Sycamore Tree    
16/11/2010 10/01488/CTR 3 Yarwell RoadWansford Fell 2 x leylandii, remove dead branches of willow tree and one cherry, prune by 1-2 metres overall, 1 x sycamore which overhangs Church Cottage    
16/11/2010 10/01456/FUL RivermeadBridge End


Retrospective permission for construction of orangery, piers and entrance gates    
16/11/2010 10/00873/NONMAT RivermeadBridge End


Non material amendment to planning application 09/00543/FUL    
1/11/2010 10/01442/MMFUL Cooks Hole QuarryLeicester Road


Alternative means of access *  
1/11/2010 10/01441/MFUL Cooks Hole QuarryLeicester Road


Mineral/Waste applicationExtension of quarry area *  
1/11/2010 03/01171/RMP Cooks HoleLeicester Road


Review of mineral planning permission *  
4/10/2010 10/01151/OUT 27 Old North RoadWansford Extension on time of planning permission (07/01331/OUT)    
4/10/2010 and 11/10/2010 10/01225/FUL 11 Old Leicester RoadWansford Construction of two storey side extension    
6/9/2010   Cooks Hole QuarryAugean Application for Determination of Conditions (ROMPP) *  
16/8/2010 10/00818/FUL 6 Old North RoadWansford Change garage roof from flat roof to pitched on garage No Objection  
5/7/2010 10/00820/CTR 1 The StablesOld Leicester Road


Reduce height and prune 4 conifers No Objection  
7/6/2010 10/00562/ADV Heron Service StationLeicester Road, Wansford Consultation on Advertisement Application, 2 no. internally illuminated free standing single sided display panels (retrospective) No Objection  
7/6/2010 10/00488/WCMM Cross Leys QuarryLeicester Road, Wansford Variation of condition 1 of planning permission (06/00415/MMFUL to vary the completion date of permitted infilling from 31/07/2010 to 31/07/2012) No Objection – provided emergency services have no objection  
10/5/201020/4/2010 10/00372/FUL Anchor Cottage5 Riverside Spinney Wansford Extension and alterations to garages and removal of one Norway Spruce tree    
20/4/2010 10/00459/CTR White House, Peterborough RoadWansford Remove one Sycamore tree and pollard one Crack Willow tree No Objection Permission Granted
12/4/2010 10/00257/FUL 1 Yarwell RoadWansford 06/02012/FUL – extension of time of planning permission No Objection Permission Granted
12/4/2010 10/00336/CTR Rivermead, Bridge EndWansford Fell 2 x Silver Birch and prune back to boundary 1 x Willow tree and conifers No Objection Permission Granted
1/3/2010 10/00154/FUL 20 Old Leicester Road,Wansford Construction of first floor rear extension and alterations to ground floor rear elevation No Objection PCC Refused
1/3/2010 09/00942/FUL Land South of A47 and east of Great North RoadWansford Appeal    
1/2/2010 10/00021/TRE 14 Black Swan SpinneyWansford Preserved Trees Applic – to fell 1 Larch Tree No Objection  
4/1/2010 09/01495/CTR The Moorings, Peterborough Road, Wansford Tree Notification – remove lib of Willow T1 back to main stem No Objection  
07/12/2009 09/01382/CTR Holystones, 2 Yarwell Road, Wansford Tree Notification – crown lift to 2m over drive and prune back secondary growth for clearance over garage, Cotoneaster, re pollard to historic knuckle points No Objection Permission granted
07/12/2009 09/01206/LBC 4 Bridge End, Wansford Installation of 2 roof lights No Objection Permission granted
07/12/2009 09/01308/FUL Sacrewell Farm & Country Centre Construction of 1 x 11kw Gaia Wind Turbine on land NW of farm centre No Objection Permission granted
07/12/2009 09/01193/FUL 19 Old North Road Wansford Install New Roof Lantern No Objection  
02/11/2009 09/01458/FUL Wansford Surgery Additional Consulting Room space No Objection  
02/11/2009 09/00942/FUL Land South of A47 and East of Great North Road, Wansford Use of land for 1 extended Gypsy family Objection – questions raised Application refused
  09/01140/TRE 9 Robins WoodWansford Fell 1 x Sycamore No Objection Permission granted
03/08/2009 09/00827/CTR 2 Riverside Spinney, Wansford Fell Ash Tree Defer to Tree Officer  
06/07/2009 09/00543/FUL Rivermead, Bridge End,Wansford Replace existing roof covering, limestone wall, install dormer windows ** Permission granted
06/07/2009 09/00547/FUL 24 Old Leicester Road, Wansford Remove existing conservatory, replace with single storey front extension No objection Permission granted
01/06/2009 08/01633/FUL Land adjacent to 19 Old Leicester Road, Wansford Resiting of gas storage compound No objection  
01/06/2009 09/00138/FUL Land East of Great North Road and South of A47 Wansford Two static caravans, one mobile caravan parking space, two utility cabins etc Objection **  
07/12/2009 & 01/06/2009 08/01632/OUT Land adjacent to 19 Old Leicester Road Erection of two 5 bedroom dwellings ** PENDING
11/05/2009 09/00301/FUL 5 Swanhill Detached Garage No Objection  
11/05/2009 09/00455/CTR 7 Old North Road Removal of 3 conifers No Objection  
  08/01344/TRE 8 Black Swan Spinney Raise Crown to 5m of Beech Tree    
  08/01539/CTR 4 Riverside Spinney Fell and remove various trees No Objection Granted
07/10/2008 08/01101/FUL 10 Black Swan Spinney Extension existing rear dormer Objection** Granted
04/08/2008 08/00856/FUL Westbrooke House Full Porch Retrospective Objection* Granted
07/07/2008 08/00733/FUL 11 Robins Wood Extension First Floor    
07/07/2008 08/00122/FUL 3 Yarwell Road     Granted
07/07/2008 08/00716/FUL Little Chef Extension to Foyer   Granted
19/06 – 07/07/2008 08/00691/TRE 14 Black Swan Spinney 1 Maple Tree, 1 Beech and fell 1 Larch Tree No Objection* Granted
19/06/2008 08/00701/FUL 28 Old Leicester Road Extension No Objection* Granted
02/06/2008 08/00400/FUL 5 The Old Nursery Single Storey Front Extension   Granted
02/06 – 04/08/2008 08/00639/FUL 10 Black Swan Spinney Replace Conservatory and rear dormer   Granted
29/04/2008 08/00277/FUL Cedar House Extension   Applic Withdrawn
29/04 – 22/05/2008 08/00386/FUL White House Extension Side and Rear No Objection Granted
07/04/2008 08/00191/FUL 35 Old North Road      
07/04/2008 07/01162/FUL 23 Old North Road     Appeal Successful
03/03/2008 08/00191/FUL 35 Old North Road Extension Objection**  
03/03/2008 07/01162/FUL 23 Old North Road Extension Objection Appeal Successful
04/02/2008 07/01932/FUL 2 Yarwell Road Extension Objection**  
04/02/2008 08/00097/TRE 23 Old North Road Fell Tree of Heaven Referred  
03/12/2007 07/01639/FUL 4 The Old Nursery      
03/12/2007 07/00039/FUL Kings Cliffe Ind Estate Retrospective    
03/12/2007 07/01731/FUL Cedar House     Applic withdrawn
03/12/2007 07/01860/GR 4 Old Leicester Road Fell 6 Lawsonia    
03/12/2007 07/01815 Rivermead Pollard Weeping Willow    
05/11/2007   Roadside Café Anglia Water Site on A47    
01/10/2007 07/01331/OUT 27 Old North Road Erection of detached dwelling No objection*  
01/10/2007 07/01444/FUL Rivermead, Bridge End Re-siting of stables No objection  
01/10/2007 07/01519/TRE 37 Old North Road Tree Surgery Objection*  
03/09/2007 07/01162/FUL 23 Old North Road Replacement of Garage Objection**  
03/09/2007 07/01224/FUL 55 Old North Road First Floor Extension No objection  
03/09/2007 07/01335/FUL 14 Robins Field Extension No objection  
06/08/2007 07/01211/CTR 6 Riverside Spinney Tree Surgery No objection  
06/08/2007 EN/06/025506 Kings Cliffe Ind. Estate Removal of 6 month time limit No objection  
16/07/2007 07/00935/FUL 33 Old North Road Extension No objection  
25/06/2007 07/00743/FUL 2 Yarwell Road Erection of detached dwelling Objection** Submission withdrawnPermission Refused
29/05/2007 07/00552/FUL 5 Thackers Close Extension No objection*  
29/05/2007 07/00531/FUL 2 The Old Nursery Rear Conservatory No objection*  
30/04/2007 07/00542/FUL 2 The Old Nursery Erection of fence No objection*  
30/04/2007 07/00565/FUL Land adj. 21 Nene Close Erection of detached dwelling No objection*  
18/04/2007 EN/07/00485/FUL Wansford Road, Yarwell Erection of cattle Shed Objection  
21/03/2007 06/01909/FUL 35 Old North Road Extension (Objection**) Permission Refused
19/02/2007 06/02012/FUL Church Cottage Extension No objection*  
11/01/2007 06/01909/FUL 35 Old North Road Extension Objection**  


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