Wansford Village

The Parish Council of Wansford deals with Wansford village north of the river Nene.

The village lies in the Unitary Authority of Peterborough City Council.


Conclusion of Audit 2016-2017

Annual Accounts 2016-2017

Treasurer’s Report Note of Balance 2007

Treasurer’s report – Note of balance at 31-3-2007

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Parish Precept (Accounts) 2006-7

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Parish Precept – Audit Statement 2007



Parish Precept (Accounts) 2005-6

Wansford Parish Council

Summary Receipts & Payments Account for the Year ended 31st March 2006


Previous Current

Year ended Year Ended

31st March 2005 31st March 2006

£ £


6928.00 Precepts (R1) 7205.00

186.95 Other Receipts (R2): 348.07

78.55 VAT Returns 00.00

7193.50 TOTAL RECEIPTS 7553.07

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