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The Parish Council of Wansford deals with Wansford village north of the river Nene.

The village lies in the Unitary Authority of Peterborough City Council.


BT Broadband update to our exchange planned for Sept 2012

It looks like we shall get an update to our BT broadband service in September 2012.  Let me explain…

Up to September 2011, the village had only Broadband from BT on its standard 8Mb services.  This usually means a connection of around 3-6Mb.  This did not vary which ever Broadband provider you went with because they were all using the same BT equipment in the  Wansford Exchange.   This applies to all the villages served by the Wansford Exchange.

Legislation changes (Called Local Loop Unbundling) meant that other suppliers could put more up to date kit in local exchanges.  Eventually Both Sky and Talk Talk have installed faster equipment in the Wansford exchange.  This means, if you subscribe with these providers they claim up to 20Mb (and you probably get up around 15-16Mb connections).  Two to three times faster that the standard BT connection.   Both have been available since September 2011.  Personally I went with Sky and how have a noticebly faster (and cheaper) broadband service.

The source of all this information is a website that monitors the  equipment and speeds of exchanges around the country called “www.samknows.com“.  Using this link you can see for yourself what is installed in Wansford and when it was fitted.

At the time I considered swapping from BT to Sky I approached BT about their faster services: BT infinity (which is optical cable up to 40Mb) and ADSL2+ which is  called 21CN (21st Century Network) and should provide up to 20Mb. However they simply said there were no plans for Infinity to be installed in our exchange.    (Note a difference between 21CN and  BT infinity which you see advertised on TV)

However, it looks like that, from Sept 2012, that will change.

If you follow this link to Samknows you will find out some good news.   There is a date next to “21CN WBC status”  for BT to upgrade the exchange.  This should  also provide 20Mb ADSL2 for the  rest of the village (ie you don’t have to be on Sky or Talk talk to get up to 20Mb).   This has a ready for service date of 31st August 2012. (I checked with Samknows to see what RFS meant and it means “Ready for Service” ie it should be up and running!)

This means we should have some more kit installed in our exchange and a faster internet service. THIS DOES NOT MEAN WE ARE GETTING CABLE !  (or BT Infinity) What it means is that the equipment will be far better at using the existing copper wire that currently goes into our homes.

So, broadband users of Wansford (and surrounding villages on the Wansford exchange), you seem to have a choice.

1) Stick with existing services of up to 8Mb, but more realistically 3-6Mb, today.  Wait until September 2012 and when the exchange is upgraded you should bet up to 20Mb (or so).

2) Swap to Sky or Talk Talk Broadband today and get up to 20Mb now, which provides around 15-16Mb,

We still need to find a way to persuade BT to put cable (BT Infinity) and much faster Broadband into the village.

I’ll continue to update information as it comes available.



9 comments to BT Broadband update to our exchange planned for Sept 2012

  • Phillip Sibley

    Very informative, thanks for the update.

  • David Davis

    Is there anyway we can lobby for BT Infinity to be installed at the Wansford exchange?
    When I see where it is being installed eg (Church Brampton) it is very frustrating that my exchange, which has a far greater population utilising it, is not on the planned upgrade list.

    I work from home much of the time and am sick and tired of the time wasted when I am having to download/upload files etc.What takes me 2 hours to download other work colleagues can do in under 5 minutes,no exaggeration.

  • Tim Howard

    How do I (or our council) lobby BT to have our exchange prioristised for upgrade? A point of contact would be useful since no one has any idea in India!


  • wansfordadmin

    I would not expect BT india or broadband support to know much about exchange upgrades, as it is BT Openworld (a completely different part of BT) who manage the exchanges.

    As my post says there is an upgrade planned end of June 2012 which samknows.com does know about….

    Where it refers to “21CN FRS status” – that means we are due an upgrade at the end of June 2012.


  • Derrick Mulvana

    BT OPENREACH (a BT group company) are actively installing infinity to areas which are served by cable broadband (Virgin Media) to compete with them.

    Small leafy villages not served by cable broadband are no threat to Openreach`s monopoly. Therefore they will not be high up the infinity list!

    Add the fact that Wansford exchange is using cables from the 1950`s, along the A1, don’t expect 40Mb speeds just yet!

  • PhilT

    Nassington and Yarwell are also supplied by Wansford exchange, we are at least nominally included in Northants County Council’s superfast broadband project which I would expect to be BT FTTC based (“Infinity” from BT retail, “Fibre” from Sky & Talk Talk).

    Peterborough / Cambs also have broadband project money, Wittering ought to be making a fuss to get some benefit from that as they too are fed from Wansford.

    So I think Wansford exchange is likely to get superfast services before long, whether they benefit Wansford itself is another debate.

    Wansford has 16 / 20M services available now from Sky, Talk Talk and TT resellers.

  • The faster service is now available from BT and BT Wholesale provided ISPs (Plusnet, Tesco, etc) where they choose to switch customers over to it.

    http://fasterwansford.blogspot.co.uk/ shows speed test of 19M in Wansford

  • Superfast is coming, and to more of Wansford (North of the river) than I anticipated as there’s a new connection cabinet on Old North Road.

    • JohnC

      Hi Phil, do you know what BT have been discussing as far as fibre is concerned for Wansford? I’ve been looking into what has been happening around the area since Gigaclear went round the village a week or so ago as I didn’t realise that changes were afoot!

      Just wondering what options there might be and to see if I can help in any way? 🙂

      Kind regards


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